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Apocalypse Of All Races
Chapter 2061

2061 Chapter 455 Nanyuan historical remains (subscription required)

Su Yu didn’t care so much. At this point, everyone was betting their lives and he could just throw in some money.

Wan Tiansheng also started to prepare to build a new space and create a new historical remains.

Su Yu was also shocked when he saw how easily he tore apart space and built it in the heart cultivation pavilion. How Strong was he?

“Principal, have you been to a real historical remains?”

Su Yu was busy absorbing the heaven and earth mystic light while giving out missions to others. He had been quite busy recently, and the myriad clan sect was also constantly asking him questions, so he couldn’t be bothered to answer.

“I’ve been there.”

Wan tiansheng said indifferently, “It’s nothing interesting. It’s just some junk.”

“Invincible Ruins?”

“Sort of.”

“Then why haven’t you attained Dao?”

“When I was young, my dreams were too big.” 𝒾n𝘯𝒓𝙚а𝑑. 𝓬𝑜𝙢

Wan tiansheng said lightly, “I wasn’t interested in achieving dao in the relic either. Ye Batian and I split the invincible relic and each of us got some benefits.”


“Yes, we did. Each of us got one.”

Su Yu nodded and said, “What’s the difference between attaining Dao in the human realm, the small realm, and the Heavenly Battlefield?”

“The difference in strength, the difference in survivability.”

Wan tiansheng smiled and said, “The small realm is the weakest. Needless to say, the heavenly battlefield is the strongest, and the human realm is second. In addition, the future is different. “The heavenly battlefield is likely to reach the half-emperor realm. The half-emperors of the demon race and the immortal race all reached the Dao in the heavenly battlefield.”

“That’s not right. Didn’t the heavenly battlefield not open before?”

“They did.”

“That was only about a thousand years ago. Did they only reach the Dao a thousand years ago?”

“No. By chance, these guys entered the Grand Heavens battlefield a long time ago.”

Su Yu understood and asked again, “Is there a division of minor realms for invincibility?”


Ten Thousand Heavenly Saints said with a faint smile, “It’s not considered a minor realm. At the level of invincibility, or in other words, eternity, it mainly depends on the control of time, the vastness of the sea of will, and the toughness of the body... generally speaking, there is no special division of realms, but there is a difference in strength.”

“How are they divided?”

“It’s useless for you to know this.”

“At least I want to know. I think I’m not far from being invincible!”


What a big tone!

The Ten Thousand Heavenly Saints thought for a moment, he smiled and said, “Then let’s talk about it briefly. If we really want to distinguish, there are several levels of being invincible. The first level is the level of the half-emperor realm experts. The second level is the level of the Great Qin King. The third level is the level of the Great Xia king and the others. The fourth level is the level of Demon King Ladd and the others. The fifth level is the level of the ordinary Heaven Dao attainment level. The sixth level is the level of the Small World Dao attainment level.”

Su Yu was speechless. “There’s such a big difference in strength?”

“It’s not too big.”

Wan tiansheng explained, “Actually, it depends on his performance and his methods. I said that the Great Qin King was in the second stage, but he might not necessarily be no match for those half-emperors. The so-called half-emperors only meant that he was recognized by the public and became a leader! “The human race is a bit special because the time when he attained the Dao was too close and there was always war. After the Great Qin king took charge of the East Rift Valley, he didn’t have the time or energy to subdue the human race. Everyone attained the Dao at about the same time, so he didn’t become the half-emperor of the human race. Do you understand?”

Su Yu sighed. “If the Great Qin king really becomes the half-emperor, the human race won’t be like this anymore.”

“It’s not as serious as you think.”

Wan tiansheng said indifferently, “It’s just that there are some drawbacks now, so we need to set things right!”

“Is the prefect willing to be the one to set things right?”

Wan Tiansheng smiled. “I don’t have that idea. I just caught up. Besides... forget it, you don’t understand. If I’m still alive after a while, remember to keep a distance from me.”

Su Yu pondered for a moment and said, “What the manor head means is... after some time, if the plan succeeds, the Manor Head might also be ostracized?”


Wan tiansheng laughed and ignored him. He changed the topic and said, “I’ll Help You Open Your Box?”

“I’ll do it myself!”

Su Yu didn’t ask any more questions. He felt that Wan Tiansheng’s goal might not be as simple as killing the traitor invincible. Of course, there were some things that he didn’t want to say.

This time, the Great Xia mansion had gathered so many people, and there were more than just two of them. There were too many of them.

What was the result of these people?

One had to know that there were many descendants of invincible.

Su Yu did not dare to think too deeply about it.

He was afraid of trouble!

At Wan Tiansheng’s level, there was no need for Su Yu to say anything.

The two of them, one started to build new ruins, the other started to cultivate silently, and opened the treasure box at the same time.

From time to time, the Ten Thousand Heavenly Sage would also say a few words.

“Here, use some death Qi to corrode it.”

“Here, get some Heaven Yuan Qi...”

“There’s no soil in the ruins. They’re all made of some special ancient stones...”


“After you’re done, use the river of time to wash it. If you used the river of time to wash the god corpse a few times, no one would be able to tell if it’s real or fake.”


It seemed that old Wan was also a forger, but he was limited by his pockets.

No money!

A clever woman couldn’t cook without rice. Without money, no matter how much he forged, the treasures were all empty.

Now that Su Yu had provided the treasures and Old Wan had come to forge again, Su Yu had gained a lot of experience.


These two were forging.

And outside, it was even more chaotic now!

The geniuses were starting to enter the realm!

There were also some dao protectors, or rather, the main forces fighting for the ruins, entering the realm one after another.


The heavens residence.

Tens of millions of soldiers were seething with killing intent, eyeing the ruins covetously.

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