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Chapter 12: Methods of Civilization Academies

Translator: Lordbluefire

“Teacher, Academy Head.”

When Su Yu entered the teachers’ office and saw that both Liu Wenyan and the academy head were around, he quickly greeted them. 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

“Su Yu, you’ve come.”

Liu Wenyan smiled, being a lot warmer toward Su Yu than he was to the academy head. He beamed and asked, “Your father has gone to the Allskies Battlefield. Have there been any inconveniences in your life recently?”

“No, everything is quite alright.”

Su Yu thanked Liu Wenyan and then quickly said with a hint of worry, “Teacher, I heard that recently, there might be members of the All-Races Sect coming to Nanyuan...”

“It’s fine!”

Liu Wenyan said nonchalantly and then smiled faintly. “Putting aside the fact that they might not necessarily come, so what if they were to come? If they dare make a move against me, they will have to suffer great casualties, using many lives to exchange for this old man’s life. It’s hard to say who is the one winning and who is the one suffering the losses here.”

Liu Wenyan got up and looked out of the window, smiling as he said, “When encountering big matters, one must calm down and not panic! Su Yu, in these few years, what I admire the most about you is that you are able to remain calm even in the face of troubling matters. This is your foundation that makes you stronger than others. Don’t be disturbed by some small mess.”

After Liu Wenyan spoke, he then quickly looked toward the academy head and said, “You can go out for now. I have some things to talk to Su Yu about.”

The academy head smiled. This time around, he didn’t insist and quickly left the office.

After the academy head left, Liu Wenyan stopped smiling.


He gestured for Su Yu to take a seat. Su Yu found it a little strange and didn’t ask much. After that, he took a seat opposite Liu Wenyan.

“Su Yu, I heard that you signed up for the test to enroll in the war academy?”


“You want to go to the war academy. Am I right to say that?”

Su Yu was stunned slightly and then explained, “No, I’m just making additional preparations.”

“Don’t lie to me. Your teacher isn’t that stupid. It’s because your father went to the Allskies Battlefield, so you want to go there too, right?”

Su Yu fell silent.

Liu Wenyan smiled faintly and said, “Stupid! Even if you were to go to a war academy and cultivate to a level where you can protect your father, how long would that have to take?”


Su Yu fell silent. He had thought about this problem before, but he didn’t wish to ponder too much into it. Moreover, he had an additional booklet in his mind, and it was hard to say how things would turn out.

“Do you know who are the peak-level experts in the human race?”

“The Great Xia King, Great Zhou King, Great Ming King…”

Liu Wenyan nodded slightly then quickly asked again, “Then do you know the experts that appeared after the Anping Dynasty was founded?”

Before Su Yu could say anything, Liu Wenyan smiled and said, “The most famous and well-known ones are probably the various prefecture lords from the respective prefectures, as well as the chief generals from the various large war battalions.

“Then do you know that 30% of these people came from civilization academies?”

Su Yu was stunned for a moment. 30% of them came from civilization academies

Didn’t the civilization academies nurture...

As if knowing what Su Yu was thinking, Liu Wenyan laughed softly and said, “You think that all people from the civilization academies should be like me, only knowing some all-races languages and being weaker in battle prowess, easily toppling over whenever there’s a gust of wind?”

“You’re wrong!” Liu Wenyan said seriously, “I didn’t tell you these things in the past because you haven’t reached the level to know about them yet!

“The truth is, there are many experts or even peak-level experts in the civilization academies who are stronger than those in war academies!

“How can we, who research the Allskies civilizations, be so weak? If that was the case, how would we be able to understand cultivation arts and secret realms that are on a deeper level?”

Liu Wenyan’s gaze was burning. “I’m just an insignificant failing student from the civilization academy, but do you think that I’m really weak?”


Su Yu opened his mouth but hesitated. (Teacher, can you not be so shameless?)

(You’re only at the seventh level of the Thousand Pound Realm. That’s too weak.)

“You want to say that I’m only at the seventh level of the Thousand Pound Realm and that I’m too weak?”


Su Yu blinked, having the feeling that he had been seen through by his teacher.

“That’s right. I’m able to see through a little of what you’re thinking.”

When Su Yu heard this, he was instantly shocked!

“You must be surprised, right?”

Liu Wenyan smiled and said, “You’re too weak, that’s why you almost have no defense set up when you’re in front of me. Take note of this in the future and restrain your thoughts a little.

“The reason I’m telling you this is because I hope that you won’t choose your weaknesses and give up on your strengths, giving up on entering the civilization academies and choosing the war academies.”

Liu Wenyan said solemnly, “I previously thought that you’d naturally get to learn about these things after you got into the civilization academy. But I have to tell you about this in advance to prevent you from choosing the wrong path.

“There are many routes in the world, with different races having different paths. When it all goes down to the root, it’s just taking in origin qi, tempering the body, and strengthening oneself!

“There are two parts to strengthening oneself. One is the physical body aspect and the other part is one’s will, or it can be called one’s mental spirit!

“The will cannot be seen and it’s very hard to make it strong. Therefore, most people start by strengthening their bodies before they work on their wills!

“We are different...”

Liu Wenyan smiled. “People like us come into contact with many civilizations of the myriad races, so we have broad visions and powerful wills. Therefore, we take the reverse route and strengthen the will first before the body.

“When your will become strong, the strengthening of the physical body will become a lot simpler. Of course, this is very difficult!”

Liu Wenyan said in a solemn voice, “When the will becomes strong, it can reinforce the physical body, not harming the body when taking in more origin qi. This requires time and even more so, a solid foundation. For some masters from civilization academies, when their will gets so strong that they are dazzling like the sun, they can enter the Soaring Realm from the Thousand Pound Realm within a day or might be even stronger!

“Different paths lead to the same outcome. The final path for both the civilization academies and war academies is to strengthen oneself and make the entire human race stronger!

“It’s easy to cultivate the physical body but hard to do so for the will!

“It is harder for the civilization academies to reach this step, so few people mention these things. This is to avoid some people from overestimating themselves and taking the wrong paths.”

Liu Wenyan looked at the stunned Su Yu and said, smiling, “You’re very surprised, right? Actually, there’s nothing to be surprised about. You’ve studied the myriad races of all skies and although your study of them isn’t deep, you should know some things. For example, the dream demon race whose language you’ve learned. You know that they are vague and intangible, and that it’s almost impossible to see their actual bodies.”

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