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All Hail Cousin Brother
Chapter 48 - Loss Without Gain

Chapter 48: Loss Without Gain

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Yu Zongzheng stopped in his tracks while Zhao Da followed behind him. “Master, are you returning to the main courtyard…”

“No, I’d better go to the study instead. I still have some official matters to attend to.” Yu Zongzheng turned around, planning to return to the front courtyard, when for some reason, he thought of Concubine He and her wonderful service in bed. With a stomach full of frustration and anger, he instantly decided where he wanted to go. “I’ll go to the Clear Autumn Courtyard.”

Zhao Da did not dare to say anything about it.

Yu Zongzheng was burning with rage inside. After taking a few steps, he stopped and frowned. “Go to the main courtyard and send a message. Tell Madam Yang that Yao Yao will be taken care of by my mother from now on. Tell her to keep her eyes off the Jade Courtyard and to focus her energy on managing the household instead. She should not allow the matters of the residence to be leaked and spread outside, lest it bring trouble and cause harm for the family.”

On the other hand, Yang Shuwan was still waiting for Yu Zongzheng. Seeing that it was already dark and the food on the table had turned cold, she was about to send Mu Jin to the Xiaoxiang Forest to check on it when she heard Mu Jin’s voice. “Madam, Master has ordered Zhao Da to deliver a message.”

Upon hearing this, Yang Shuwan’s right eyelid twitched and she quickly went out to the outer room.

When Zhao Da saw her, he bowed respectfully.

Yang Shuwan said politely, “Why isn’t Master here yet? Could it be that he still has some unfinished work, so he has sent you here to inform us?”

This kind of thing had happened often too.

Zhao Da lowered his head. “Master won’t be coming to the main courtyard today. He said that there’s no need to wait for him, and he wants Madam, Third Miss, and Fourth Young Master to go ahead and have dinner without him.”

He wasn’t coming anymore?! Madam Yang tightened her grip on the handkerchief in her hand. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Yu Jianjia’s brows furrowed slightly.

There was something very wrong with Zhao Da’s reply. Her mother had asked him if her father had official matters to attend to at the last minute, but he had avoided the crux of the question, and only said that her father wouldn’t be coming over after all.

No matter how many concubines there were in the family, it was proper practice for the master of the family to stay in the main courtyard on certain special dates, and every even date, for at least five days a month. That was the honor of being the first wife in a distinguished family.

Her father had always respected the rules and treated her mother well. All these years, other than being busy with work, he had never broken these rules.

But if her father was attending to official work matters, why didn’t Zhao Da mention it?

Suddenly, a possible reason floated to mind. Yu Jianjia was so shocked that she was almost breathless. She covered her mouth with her handkerchief and coughed a few times.

Since Master did not come to the main courtyard, he must be busy with work in the study, so Yang Shuwan was in shock for only a moment but quickly regained her composure and reacted. “It’s already so late, and Master hasn’t had dinner yet. I’ll prepare a few of his favorite dishes to be sent to the study later.”

“Madam, you don’t have to trouble yourself.” Zhao Da stopped her and immediately changed the topic. “Master has passed a message for me to relay to you.”

Yang Shuwan eagerly asked, “What is it?”

Zhao Da continued, “Master said that from now on, Eldest Miss will be taken care of by Old Madam. He wants you to be less concerned about the Jade Courtyard and instead, place more energy on managing the household, ensuring that matters of the residence do not get spread to outsiders, so as to avoid causing trouble for the family.”

Hearing this, Yang Shuwan felt her head spin and she almost fell to the ground. Her mouth trembled as she said, “M-Master really said that?” 𝑖𝓷n𝘳ℯ𝐚𝐝. 𝒄om

Yu Jianjia bit her lip as her thin, frail body also swayed.

Her father had probably failed to teach Yu Youyao a lesson and gotten scolded by her grandmother instead. He must be feeling upset with the two of them, and he did not come to the main courtyard because he was angry with them. By asking Zhao Da to pass on the message, he was clearly trying to express his displeasure and rebuke them.

How could this have happened?

She and her mother were sure that they knew what he was like very well, which was why they had dared to say those words in front of him. They were also confident that even if exposed by her grandmother, her father would not listen to her and would only side with them.

Zhao Da did not dare to say too much. “I’ll take my leave first.”

After returning into the house, Yang Shuwan dismissed the servants. Seeing that most of the dishes on the table were Yu Zongzheng’s favorites, she was so angry that she flipped the table over.

“Clang,” “Bang,” “Clang,” Dishes, plates, bowls, cups, and other items were shattered on the ground, and the leftovers were spilled all over in a mess.

Yu Jianjia jumped in shock. She quickly rushed forward and pulled Yang Shuwan back to prevent her from smashing more items. “Mother, calm down. Father hasn’t come here to the main courtyard, but he obviously isn’t the study either…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Yang Shuwan had already understood what she meant. Immediately, her face contorted in anger, and she ordered Mu Jin to find out more.

After a while, Mu Jin returned. “Master has gone to the Clear Autumn Courtyard. Concubine He used some of her own money to ask the kitchen to prepare a few more light dishes.”

When Yang Shuwan heard this, she felt dizzy and a little panicked. She gritted her teeth and said, “That hussy, what a good move. All these years, this is the first time your father has humiliated me like that. On the day he was supposed to spend with me, he went to his concubine’s room instead. It’s evident that this time, your father is really furious at us.”

Yu Jianjia felt uneasy and said, “Mother, once certain rules are broken, there will be a second, third, or even countless times…”

Hearing this, Yang Shuwan gradually calmed down and quickly started thinking of a solution.

Upon seeing Yu Zongzheng arrive at the Clear Autumn Courtyard, Concubine He was overjoyed.

All these years, this was the first time that Master had come to her room during Madam Yang’s day. This was enough to show that her status in Master’s heart was already close to that of his official wife, Yang Shuwan.

As long as she worked hard and gave birth to a son for him as soon as possible, Madam Yang would not dare to do anything to her in the future.

Concubine He had dressed up meticulously and was wearing a sheer shirt. She leaned into Yu Zongzheng’s arms and called out sweetly, “Master, you’ve been busy recently and haven’t visited me in a long time. I’ve missed you so much that I had even lost my appetite to eat anything. Touch my waist and see if I’ve lost weight again.”

Master favored delicate and slender women. Usually, when they were in bed, his large hands would wrap around her small waist.

As she spoke, Concubine He held Yu Zongzheng’s hand and placed it on her waist. During this period of time, she had cut down on her meals, and had indeed lost a lot of weight on her waist.

“You little temptress, without even asking me to eat something when I entered the house, but making me please you on an empty stomach.” As soon as Yu Zongzheng touched Concubine He’s slender waist, his body immediately heated up. He grabbed her waist tightly and pushed her onto the table to lie down. Then, he began to undress.

There was a burning fire in his heart, and his body could keep it in no longer. He couldn’t wait to release it.

Concubine He was smart and knew these things well. Every time Master came over, she would dismiss all the servants in the courtyard in advance. The two of them were also very bold when it came to fooling around. Concubine He even secretly made a few exciting items that livened things up, and any man would love it.

The two of them were on the table having fun when Nanny Li’s voice suddenly came from outside. “Master, Third Miss has suddenly fainted. Quick, go over and take a look.”

Nanny Li was Madam Yang’s most capable subordinate, so no one in the Clear Autumn Courtyard had dared to stop her.

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All Hail Cousin Brother Chapter 48 - Loss Without Gain