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First Meeting with Song Mingzhao (2)

Yang Shuwan sized up the heir of the Marquis Zhen’s Residence carefully. He had an elegant face and was an extraordinarily handsome man. Every move he made was refined and charming. In addition, she remembered that he was Mr. Xian Yun’s favorite disciple, and had even achieved the title of Top Scorer last year. No young master in the capital could compare to him.

Scholarly families were particular about marriages—the families of both parties had to be well-matched in terms of social status. The Marquis Zhen’s Residence was a noble and respected family in the capital. Because of Old Madam Yu, the two families were very close and even related by marriage, so this connection had become even more unbreakable.

Many of the noble families were all related by marriage. The Marquis Zhen’s Residence was not an ordinary family, and their heir was all the more impressive. Jia Jia would be nine years old soon, and it was common that before a young mistress of a prominent family was even old enough for marriage, her elders would already have secretly begun looking out for outstanding young masters in the capital for her…

As Yang Shuwan considered all this, her eyes naturally landed on Yu Jianjia.

Meanwhile, Yu Jianjia was in shock. Her gaze followed the figure who had just stepped into the room. Her heart immediately started beating like a drum, and her pale face turned a shade of sweet pink.

It wasn’t that she’d never seen handsome boys before.

Her eldest brother, Yu Shanyan, and her cousin, Zhou Linghuai, were both exceptionally handsome men, especially Zhou Linghuai, who looked distinguished and charming. However, neither of them could compare to that one glance she had just taken…

Just then, the Song heir’s gaze swept over to Yu Jianjia, catching her off guard. Upon seeing his aloof gaze, she realized that she had been staring rudely.

The Yu Residence and the Marquis Zhen Residence were in-laws, and because she was still young, there was no need to ensure that they avoided each other. However, Song Mingzhao was still a male who wasn’t her family member. Even though the elders were present, she should not be looking at him directly like this.

Clutching the handkerchief in her hand tightly, Yu Jianjia lowered her eyes. When she looked at the pink embroidered cloak she was wearing, she felt a little vexed.

Yu Youyao was plump while she was slender. This cloak looked bulky on her, and the color did not match her own clothes at all. It really looked terrible. If she had known earlier, she would have rejected her grandmother’s suggestion.

Song Mingzhao strode forward and greeted the two old madams respectfully.

Old Madam Yu beamed with joy and couldn’t help praising, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Mingzhao. He’s looking more and more distinguished, just like the old Marquis of Zhen.” As she spoke, she turned to look at Old Madam Song. “You’re blessed.”

She was talking about the late Marquis of Zhen. Old Madam Song was surprised for a moment, then she smiled without saying anything.

Meanwhile, Yang Shuwan was standing beside them and couldn’t resist interjecting, “Mingzhao has become a Top Scorer at the age of 15. In my opinion, he’s an outstanding talent who’s bound to surpass his teacher.”

As soon as she said that, Old Madam Song picked up her teacup and sipped on her tea.

Old Madam Yu’s expression darkened.

Hearing such praise, Song Mingzhao remained indifferent. Without even glancing at Yang Shuwan, he said respectfully, “Grandmother Yu, you praise me too highly.”

After saying that, he raised his eyes and inadvertently caught a glimpse of the lovely girl beside Old Madam Yu. He paused for a moment, his gaze meeting a pair of sparkling eyes that were as bright as the stars in the sky.

When their eyes met. Yu Youyao was startled and quickly looked down.

Seeing the husband from her dream with her own eyes, Yu Youyao felt overwhelmed with emotions.

However, remembering that the scene in the dream hadn’t happened in reality, Yu Youyao gradually calmed down and nodded calmly at Song Mingzhao.

In that instant, she suddenly felt that the amazing Song Mingzhao was actually nothing much. Compared to her cousin, he lost by a stretch.

With her gem of a cousin in mind, no matter how outstanding Song Mingzhao was, in her eyes, he remained lackluster in comparison.

‘Hm, my cousin is the most dashing after all!’

At this moment, Old Madam Yu got someone to bring over a jade writing brush and gave it to Song Mingzhao.

The white jade pen handle was carved with bamboo patterns, and it had such smooth and exquisite luster. It was obvious how precious this writing brush was. Song Mingzhao accepted it. “Thank you, Grandmother Yu.”

At this moment, Yang Shuwan found an opportunity to speak, but Old Madam Song had already put down her teacup and asked, “Why are you here at Precious Peace Temple?”

Song Mingzhao replied politely, “A few fellow students wanted to come to the temple to unwind.”

As the room was filled with women, it was best that Song Mingzhao didn’t stay any longer. After saying that, he respectfully left the meditation room.

Yu Jianjia’s heart was pounding. She kept trying to resist, but eventually couldn’t help herself and secretly raised her eyes. She peeked at his straight and tall back, getting a bit distracted.

As soon as Song Mingzhao left, the warm atmosphere in the room faded a little. The few of them chatted casually, but it was mostly Old Madam Yu and Old Madam Song who were talking. Madam Yao was a witty speaker, so she occasionally added one or two lines and livened up the atmosphere. Yang Shuwan didn’t want to lose out, so she kept trying to join in and converse with Old Madam Song. At first, Old Madam Song would reply with a sentence or two, but after a few times, she no longer responded much.

Old Madam Yu took one look at Yang Shuwan and ignored her as well. 𝐢n𝒏𝘳𝙚𝒶𝘥. 𝗰𝚘𝓂

When Madam Yao turned around and saw Yu Shuangbai fidgeting on the small stool, she tactfully excused herself in front of the two old madams and brought Yu Shuangbai out of the meditation room.

Once she left, it wasn’t suitable for Yang Shuwan to stay any longer either. She glanced at Old Madam Song. Even though she wanted to stay, she had no choice but to leave. She called out to Yu Youyao, but Yu Youyao replied that she wanted to accompany her grandmother, so she did not leave with them.

The room quietened down again.

Old Madam Song leaned against the pillow tiredly and coughed for quite a while. Yu Youyao couldn’t bear to see her like this. “Grandmother Song, your phlegm is turbid, and your qi is weak. This is affecting your lungs. I have a recipe for medicinal pear paste—it’s a little different from ordinary pear paste. When you return home, you can get your family to prepare it for you. It might help a little.”

The medicinal pear paste was a secret recipe in ‘Finest Delicacies’—it was also rather rare.

Old Madam Song couldn’t help but nod along as Yu Youyao explained articulately. Her doctor had said the same thing. It seemed that Yu Youyao had learned a lot from her nanny. “That’s good.”

Yu Youyao carefully explained the recipe to Old Madam Song’s maidservant, until the maidservant nodded and confirmed that she had remembered it. She also gave some tips on what to take note of when brewing and consuming the pear paste.

Old Madam Song listened and felt that Yu Youyao spoke very well despite being young. She couldn’t help but glance at Old Madam Yu, who was calmly sipping on her tea. She felt another surge of envy.

In the past, Yu Youyao was a little undisciplined, but after learning from her nanny for a few days, she seemed to have become a completely different person.

Worried that her granddaughter’s good intentions would be wasted, Old Madam Yu added, “This medicinal pear paste is a superior recipe that was learned from the palace. Get your doctor’s opinion too, to see if it’s good for you.”

Old Madam Song shot her a look. “You old thing, do I look like someone who doesn’t know how to tell what’s good or not? I’ll definitely appreciate Yaoyao’s kind intentions.”

The two of them chatted for a while longer. Then, Old Madam Song was exhausted and asked the maidservant to help her out of the meditation room, so only Old Madam Yu and Yu Youyao were left in the room.

Old Madam Yu gave Yu Youyao a look. “Tell me, did you get into trouble again?”

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