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Afterlife Department
Chapter 19 - Not Ordinary

Chapter 19 - Not Ordinary

"Bedside drawer?" He Furong said, confusion in her eyes.

Gu Xingfeng nodded, his face looked honest. "Yes, Miss Zhang. We found him inside the bedside drawer." He answered. "Should Mr. He Xiaozhu be somewhere else?" he asked and blinked. His eyes looked clear and his face looked harmless.

However, He Furong's heart chilled. She immediately schooled her expression. "How would I know?" she asked, a bead of sweat formed on her face.

Gu Xingfeng nodded.. "That's right. How would Miss Zhang know where should Mr. He Xiaozhu be – " he said, a smiled slowly formed on his face. " – unless she personally placed Mr. He Xiaozhu herself?" he said.

"Preposterous!" He Furong rose from her seat in anger. She glared at Gu Xingfeng. Now she noticed that this seemingly harmless-looking man actually has a black heart!

Gu Xingfeng frowned, looking like he was wronged. "Miss Zhang. What did I say wrong?" he asked and blinked his eyes that became misty, as if tears forming on them.

"You're accusing me!" He Furong said. She pointed at Gu Xingfeng. "Men are all liars. Now I know why you invited me here!" she said. "It is to pin the blame on me for He Xiaozhu's death!" her eyes narrowed and she sneered. "Were you sent by Tianyu? Or his beloved little white lotus wife who actually has a black heart!" she slapped the table. "That sneaky bitch! Did she seduce you?" she asked.

He Tianyu's wife is 15 years younger than him, and maintained her youthful-looking face and voluptuous body. One of the reasons why He Tianyu went abroad is because he was afraid his wife will be stolen from him. Meanwhile Gu Xingfeng is a man in his late twenties. He is handsome, and has a well-built body. If he and He Tianyu's wife would be a couple, nobody would find a problem with it.

"Miss Zhang." Gu Xingfeng frowned. He looked offended. "I am an honest man. If even the policemen – the men of justice, would shed their uniform away, who will protect the citizens and ensure their safety?" he asked, looking like a proper policeman.

He Furong suddenly had an awkward look on her face. She looked bad bullying a young police officer. However, she didn't apologize. "I had nothing to do with He Xiaozhu's death if that's what you wanted to know." She said and sat back on her seat.

Gu Xingfeng didn't push her anymore. "I had another question for Miss Zhang." He said and pushed a picture to her. "Do you know her?" he asked.

It was Fu Ling. "No." He Furong answered.

"How about him?" Gu Xingfeng asked as he pushed another picture.

It was Su Rong. He Furong blinked, but she immediately shook her head. "No." she answered.

Gu Xingfeng lowered his head, then took out another picture. "Last one – " he said and pushed another picture towards He Furong. " – how about him?" he asked.

This time, He Furong made a violent reaction, which shocked everyone in the room – including Gu Xingfeng.

He Furong rose from her seat and immediately moved away from the table. Her face is pale and she was heavily sweating. "Ghost! A ghost!" she said and crouched on the floor, covering her head with both her hands.

Huo Ling's heart skipped a beat. He was shocked. "She can see me?!" he said.

Yi Bing shook his head. "No." he answered.

"Then, why did she say I am a ghost?" Huo Ling asked and turned to Yi Bing, looking puzzled.

"She's guilty." Yi Bing answered, then his eyes narrowed. "She knows something." He looked at Huo Ling.

Huo Ling took a 'step' back. "Hey. I'm not a boy toy! I don't have any sugar mommy!" he told him.

Yi Bing frowned, shooting him a look of 'you're an idiot.' "I meant she must know you before." He explained.

Huo Ling's heart settled down. He Furong's cries echoed inside the interrogation room, and that woke everyone from their shock. Gu Xingfeng frowned. "Calm her down!" he ordered.

The escorting police officer of He Furong immediately called a female police officer. The female police officer immediately arrived and squatted next to He Furong, placating her. "Calm down. There're no ghosts here – " the female police officer told He Furong.

Huo Ling suddenly laughed. "Then, what am I?" he asked, then his smile disappeared. "How can I know her?" he said. "I'm not even acquainted with He Xiaozhu!"

"Let's wait for the police to ask her." Yi Bing said and looked at Gu Xingfeng watching He Furong cry. A calculating look was on his face. He wrote on a blank sheet of paper, and Huo Ling and Yi Bing looked at him wrote.

Fu Ling, Huo Ling, Su Rong, Li Lingling, He Furong. The names were encircled and each circle was connected by a line. Between Fu Ling and Huo Ling's names, there is a question mark. The two names were connected to Su Rong. Then, Gu Xingfeng connected Li Lingling's name to Huo Ling. He added He Xiaozhu's, He Tianyu's, and He Tianyu's wife's name – Bai Wu, her name and connected it to He Furong. Finally, he also connected He Furong's name to Huo Ling. "This guy…" Huo Ling and Yi Bing heard Gu Xingfeng muttered.

"Hey!" Huo Ling exclaimed when he finally saw the whole picture. "Why are everyone involved with me?!" he said. "There's only one person who killed me!" he added and crossed his arms on his chest.

Yi Bing was also surprised. He glanced at Huo Ling, then returned his gaze on the paper. Huo Ling's death… many mysteries will be uncovered.

Afterlife Department.

"Hm?" San Di hummed when he heard his wristwatch beeping. He tapped it and saw a message from Yi Bing.

0001: I want a raise.

San Di choked and coughed after he heard Yi Bing's message. "Your face!" he said and sent a reply.

3257: why?!

0001: I killed a Soul Eater. I should be rewarded. Monetary, please.

3257: !!!

3257: that Soul Eater is a piece of cake for you! Don't fool me!

3257: I'll talk about it with Gu Shi.

San Di sighed and closed the holographic screen. "Mother… I need a hair grower." He cried. He felt like he's going to be bald working in the Afterlife Department. "What is it now?" he muttered and frowned when he received another message.

0001: Abnormal Soul Huo Ling – he is not a simple one.

3257: don't brag your boyfriend to me, thank you!

0001: what boyfriend? I will be throwing him to be reincarnated after I've resolved his case.

3257: how will you resolve his case? Is it that difficult? Isn't it just an untimely death?

San Di noticed Yi Bing took a long time to reply. He was about to resume his work when he finally received a reply.

0001: so many deaths were found, and many cases were about to be uncovered, including the appearance of the Soul Eater… I think Abnormal Soul Huo Ling isn't someone simple.

A vein appeared on San Di's forehead. Gritting his teeth, he replied to Yi Bing with his fingers flying above the holographic keyboard.

3257: stop feeding me dog food!

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Afterlife Department Chapter 19 - Not Ordinary