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Chapter 22: The Law for Psychopaths

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Li Nanchen calmly turned to Wu Yi and said, “With the way you bite people recklessly, you seem more like a psychopath than her.”

“Why don’t I pay for your checkup and get you treated as soon as possible? There might still be hope for recovery…”

His tone was calm, but the destructive power was extremely high. When Wu Mei saw Wu Yi biting her red lips but not daring to say anything, she shook her head and chuckled.

“Brother-in-law… No matter how much you defend her, you have to know that the marriage of a psychopath is not protected by the law!”

“In other words, it means that your marriage is invalid!”

Wu Yi succeeded in reigniting the ball of anger that Wu Mei had just extinguished. She gently let go of Li Nanchen and lifted her leg to kick Yang Shan, who was blocking her way. She grabbed Wu Yi by the throat, pushed open the windows on the 20th floor, and carried Wu Yi to the edge of the balcony.

“You know the law so well?”

“In that case, do you know that it is not breaking the law if a psychopath kills someone? They won’t be punished by the law.”

A bloodthirsty look flashed across Wu Mei’s eyes. A gust of wind blew over as she let go of her hand. Wu Yi swayed a few times and desperately clung onto the window frame.

“I don’t mind. I’ll let you give it a try! However, you probably won’t be able to see the final outcome because you would have fallen and smashed into a pulp by then.”

Pointing at the cars at the bottom of the building that looked like ants, Wu Mei asked, “How many seconds do you think it will take for you to land on the ground?”

“…Ah! Lunatic! Help! Mom…”

Wu Yi was so frightened that her hair was standing on end. Her legs flailed and she shouted in a quavering voice,

Yang Shan did not care about her dignity at this moment. She knelt down with her hands pressed together as she begged for mercy, “Yiyi is ignorant, she’s spouting nonsense!”

“Don’t do this… I promise that she will never disturb you again! Never!”

Right from the start, Wu Mei never intended to kill Wu Yi. After all, she did not want her hands to be stained with the blood of someone like that. She then left with Li Nanchen without looking back.

Yang Shan helped Wu Yi back into the ward. Her face was pale but she was looking down at the video on her phone.

The video was of Wu Mei strangling Wu Yi.

“Mom… I was in so much danger just now, yet you were still in the mood to secretly take a video?!”

Wu Yi stared at Yang Shan in disbelief and covered the hem of her dress to hide the embarrassing wet marks. “Don’t you care about my life?!”

Yang Shan saved a few copies of the video and comforted her. Gritting her teeth, she said, “Mom did this to have evidence to keep Wu Mei in check. Otherwise, she will walk all over us! Don’t worry, with these videos, we might even be able to force Li Nanchen to divorce her…”

“I’ll show her! She definitely won’t have a good life!”

When she heard Yang Shan’s words, Wu Yi nodded fervently and said, “I want her to die a horrible death! Payback for all this humiliation!”

Inside the ward, Wu Pang’s family of three had sinister expressions on their faces. They were fantasizing about the gratifying scene that would come soon and were trying to deceive themselves.

In the bedroom back at the villa.

Li Nanchen had just removed his clothes when he heard a knock on the door. Before he could say anything, Wu Mei had already barged in with the first aid kit.


Li Nanchen, who only had a towel covering his private part, turned to look at her speechlessly.

Who was it who said that the two of them had to abide by the spatial rules and seek permission before entering the room?

Wu Mei glanced at him and secretly wolf-whistled in her heart.?Li Nanchen’s figure is really not bad. Eight-pack, Apollo’s belt, and a perfect butt… 𝘪𝚗𝓃𝘳ℯ𝒂d. c૦𝓂

She pretended to be expressionless as she pushed Li Nanchen down and forced him to sit by the bed. She skillfully opened the first aid kit and rummaged through the tools and medicine.

“Are you stupid? If it strayed a bit more to the side, it might have hurt your vital organs. My mother is mentally ill now. It’s really not against the law,” said Wu Mei as she crouched down and tended to his wounds.

Li Nanchen looked at the top of her head. Under the bright light from the chandelier, he could clearly see the fine hairs on her face. His heart beat faster.

“Why are you so nice to me?”

“You don’t love me, isn’t that right?” Wu Mei looked up and asked softly.

When he heard the word “love”, Li Nanchen shifted his gaze away and gulped.

“I see you as a sister, so of course I don’t want you to get hurt.”

He didn’t know what was wrong with him. He had treated her as a younger sister for the past two years, but recently, he had lost control of his feelings for her. This made him feel helpless.

“Oh, a sister?”

Wu Mei could tell that he did not mean what he said. Then, she got up. Supporting herself on his knees, she leaned in towards Li Nanchen and placed her hand on his chest.

Her smile was charming and seductive but the words that came out of her mouth made Li Nanchen dumbstruck.

“President Li, you sure have refined taste and enjoy taboo games. Having sex with your sister?” Wu Mei said with raised brows. She picked up the first aid kit and looked at Li Nanchen’s embarrassed expression. When she reached the door, she turned around and pointed to his chest as she said, “Your heart was racing just now! My dear brother…”

Wu Mei slammed the door shut. Li Nanchen heaved a sigh of relief.

He lowered his head and looked at the ribbon on his arm. Seeming to recall something, his gaze gradually softened.

Then, he caught sight of Wu Mei’s hair tie on the ground.. He picked it up and studied it in his palm, feeling conflicted.

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