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Abyss Domination
Chapter 517 - [Demon] - Solon!

Chapter 517: Chapter 52 [Demon] – Solon!

Souls were like seeds; after sowing them they would provide food.

Demons didn’t know how to cultivate souls like devils, getting souls from other better races. That was why the demon army was made up of creatures of the lower class. Dretch was a kind of humanoid dog. They always liked to run around in a swarm and always had a powerful leader. They were afraid of powerful enemies but liked to bully weak ones. Finally, under the cruel law of survival of the fittest, these creatures gradually became stronger.

The Plain of Infinite Portals, as the first layer of the Abyss, was a place easily disturbed by the wars in Abyss.

This place was large.

There were many weak demons here. Dretch were usually used as laborers and occasionally were driven to the battlefield by high-level demons to be front liners. There were hundreds of millions of Dretch in the Abyss, but less than one percent of them could advance from Dretch to Quasits. As for those who could advance by themselves to Immolith, Seccubus, Vrock, and Hezrou, there were even fewer. There were too many kinds of demons. Only when the level of Marilith was reached could they really enter the ranks of high-grade demons.

In this plane, there was very little food.

There were some animals here, but they seemed to be demonized. Even rats had red eyes and long fangs.

A newborn Dretch slowly walked forward.

The innate memory of a demon was slowly awakening; like a sorcerer, the demon would slowly master spell-like abilities.


Strange sounds could be heard as other Dretch wakes up.

Its low perception ability affected its judgment; the new cowardly Dretch stopped and waited for the appearance of the enemy. Five Dretch appeared in front of the newborn demon. The dark red one was the leader, and the other four were the slaves he subdued. Dretches had the lowest ability of “Summon Demon.”

“What’s your name?”

The Dretch looked on with a sinister expression and gestured it’s slaves to surround the newborn Dretch demon.

The newborn Dretch did not show much fear; this was not natural for a Dretch as there was obviously more enemy.

The newborn Dretch looked at the Dretch leader and said, “So…lon!”

Demons needed slaves, a lot of slaves.

Any slave could be sold to others at a high price. The bottomless Abyss was a very chaotic place. Night Hags and Hags were often seen in this plain. They were very stingy, evil, cruel, and scheming creatures. However, if you could get their promises, they would usually abide by their promises. Night Hags would provide slaves and servants for all kinds of powerful demons in the Abyss. Sometimes they would use Abyss worms as money, but most of the time, they would choose Dretches.

These days, the trading in the Abyss had also increased.

“Solon! Serve me!”

The dark red Dretch leader looked at the newborn and said in a demonic language, “as the servant of Fornocat! You would be able to get more food and power! ”

The Dretch leader tried to persuade the newborn. If the newborn agreed and signed a contract, he would be able to sell this newborn to a Hag.

That was how it got its power!

Sometimes, the Hag, which deals with it, would say that it should have become a devil instead.


A smile of sarcasm appeared on the corner of the newborn’s mouth, which made the Dretch named Fornocat angry. Through several sales, it had become one of the most powerful Dretch around, so it decided to teach the newborn a cruel lesson, and then sell it to the Hag as a slave.

The other Dretches were also ready to move in; faced with a lone enemy, their urge to battle began to boil!


The first Dretch pounced on the newborn. It waved his sharp claws and tried to gut its opponent. But before it came close, the enemy had dodged its attack and struck its eyes. The newborn then slashed its throat and ended the battle.

A row of data appeared:

“Gained the blood of a demon!…”

“You have gained 1 demon power!… The current body cannot absorb soul energy!… Soul energy converted!… Feedback 10 Slaughter EXP!… ”

“Demon blood activated!…”

“Mutation occurring!… The ability of Dretch upgraded!… Claws +1 natural weapon!”

Solon looked at the enemy in front.

It was as if a force had been integrated into his body. His sharp claws showed a dark red luster, which looked like metal. The demon’s mutation was so amazing; in just a moment, he had completed a mutation.

In the blink of an eye, a companion had died, which made the leader Dretch feel a little scared. Dretches were very timid creatures, so it ordered, “Kill it! Let’s go! ”

Two Dretch rushed forward.

However, the leader ran away and was nowhere to be seen; it seemed that it was even faster than the other Dretch.

They have been betrayed!

When the two timid demons found out that they had been betrayed, they had no chance to escape. Solon jumped gently and slit the throat of the two Dretches.

Even though it’s size had changed, and its attributes had been lowered. His abilities were still good enough!

He had no interest in spending too much time in this place.

In order to become a stronger demon, he could only slaughter more of his kind.𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

“Name: Solon

Race: Demon

Form: Dretch [Grade 1]

Attributes: Strength 12, Dexterity 10, Constitution 14, Intelligence 9, Wisdom 11, Charm 11.

Alignment: Lawful Evil. (Note: Other demons would be hostile toward you because of your actions.)

Demon Powers: 3/100

Skills: Sneak 75, Listen 50, Detect 50, Search 20

Ability: Demon Claws (+1 Innate magic weapon).”

Solon looked at the data he got. After some time he muttered: “How weak!”

“It’s a pity I can’t absorb divine power or divinity, otherwise I could directly cross this starting point to challenge the lower grade demons! Next time I create an avatar, I must make a body with all attributes of 18 + ”

A demonic body could not absorb Slaughter EXP.

Solon was unsure why that was, but as a demon, he could absorb the power of other demons. The ability of a Dretch to evolve, and future mutations, all depended on the accumulation of demon blood. Killing was the simplest way to advance. Once enough demonic power was accumulated, Solon could change his body into a new form.

“Strange powers!”

He gazed at his metallic claws and murmured, “the mutation and plasticity of demon blood completely differed from other organisms!… It’s so easy for demons to mutate and even transform into other forms!… I really have no idea how these demons are formed!… ”

No attribute, No abilities, no skills, no divinity, no divine power…

Solon had no trace of his host soul, memory, or combat abilities.

It was as though he had started again; this was also why the other demon lords did not know about his secret. This demon’s body was a piece of white paper. It was born from the bottomless Abyss, and all the power he had was provided by the Abyss.

It was better to draw on a piece of white paper!

Solon felt that his awareness was much sharper. The demon form could not absorb Slaughter EXP, and it seemed that it could not be upgraded, after all, it was only an incarnation. But it also had its own advantage, that was, every time after slaughter, he would get slightly stronger.

His senses were stronger!

After killing three Dretches, he had gained +1 innate magic weapon and a slight improvement to his senses.

That was why demon blood was so shocking!

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Abyss Domination Chapter 517 - [Demon] - Solon!