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Abyss Domination
Chapter 515 - A Dretch!

Chapter 515: Chapter 50 A Dretch!

The glow of the setting sun fell onto the Mordor City.

The figure of the high priest came out of the temple. After a long day’s work, she returned to her residence in the evening. But as she passed by Soran’s house, the high priest’s face suddenly changed, and in a moment, her entire figure disappeared. The next moment she appeared outside Soran’s room and hesitated a little, but still decisively opened the door.


The high priest quickly entered the room, looked at Soran, who was facing her with his back, and said in a deep voice: “What’s the matter? Did anything happen? Why does Master look so weak? ”

As Soran’s electorate, t

What happened that would make a god so weak?

Did Master secretly fight with some powerful gods? But once the gods fought, it would be a full-scale war. As the leader of the half-elven temple, she should have known something about it!

“Nothing much.”

Soran turned slowly. His face was a little pale and tired. He looked very weak. It was not a physical weakness in the body, but weakness in the soul.

Looking at the high priest in front of him, he said slowly: “I need to rest for half a month.”

“For the next period of time, everything about the temple would be up to you. The Council Hall of Mordor City will fully cooperate with your actions. I’m afraid you are also required to fully prepare for the military parade. ”

The high priest bowed slightly at his words, with a worried look on her face, she said slowly: “I understand.”

She opened her mouth to ask something, but in the end, she did not ask.

As a servant of the gods, although she was the supreme ruler of the half-elven temple, she could not easily ask Soran, because if she could know something, Soran would not deliberately hide it from her.

The gods had their own secrets!

As Soran’s servant, she only needed to do her part.

The figure of the high priest retreated.

Soran slowly went to the window, raised his hand to look at his palm, and murmured: “Weakened soul! I don’t know if I can even get the desired result after paying such a high price!”

The sun set.

The afterglow that shrouded Mordor City disappeared and people returned home to prepare dinner.

All of a sudden!

The whole Mordor City trembled as if an earthquake had suddenly occurred, and even Soran felt the obvious shaking of the ground.

But it only lasted a short time.

The next moment.

Gloria’s psionic transmission sounded in Soran’s mind, and she said in an excited voice: “It’s open! It has finally opened! We opened the half-plane of the Wizard Tower!!!… ”

Soran’s face was shocked.

Just as he sat down, he stood up involuntarily and murmured: “Is it finally broken? It’s nearly half a year! Finally, the first secret of the wizard tower has been solved! ”

For more than half a year, since Gloria came to the Outer Islands, they have been looking for the key to the secret of the Wizard Tower. Now they have finally opened the half-plane channel of the Wizard Tower on this day. As long as they were able to enter the interior of the half-plane, they would be able to completely take down the Wizard Tower, which was very important for Soran’s future, because the Wizard Tower in the period of the Arcane Empire was capable of fighting against the Avatars’ gods’ incarnation.

And the knowledge and mysteries contained within it could help Soran face all the challenges in the future!

The first layer of the Bottomless Abyss, the Plain of Infinite Portals, near the Abyss Blood Pool.

The huge body of the Mother of Worm has returned to the Abyss Blood Pool. After spending half a day patrolling its territory, it laid still. At present, the Depths Worm could not attract its attention at all. After finishing its daily task, it started to devour the energy of the blood pool. The water of the Styx River had seriously affected its intelligence. It often forgot what had happened the day before, but this was not important to it, because it only needed to move its fat body around once a day.

It paid little attention to other things.

Although the Mother of Worm had a monster level of 25 and above, its intelligence was not even as good as the low-level Dretches.

It had very little memories in its long life, but it still remembered its task instinctively.

A slight noise attracted the attention of the Mother of Worm!

It turned its huge body and stopped swallowing the energy of the blood pool. Then, a twisted mass of flesh appeared in front of it, which looked like a dark red silkworm.

This was an evolved Depths Worm!

Under normal circumstances, those Depths Worms with potential to advance would degenerate at dusk, and the timing of the evolution of this Depths Worm seemed a little different.

But the Mother of Worm did not care for these.

It just used its powerful psionic powers to envelop it and conveyed a message: “Get out of here! Go and fight! Go to the Blood War! ”

“Stay!…. Death!… ”

Dretches could not stay here.

Because this was not fair to the other Depths Worms. The Depths Worms that adult men might be able to kill were basically unable to defeat the Dretches who were born with 2 Challenge Rating.

To deal with this kind of lowest level demons, one needed a team of Adventurers of professional-level 2 or so.

Even if it was only a d-level difficulty!

The new Dretch seemed to be less than one meter tall, but as demons, they were born with far more power than ordinary people. They were born with the ability to go above the waters and had good resistance to lightning attacks, toxins, strong acids, cold, and fire. And they also could automatically understand the language of the abyss, as well as the 100 feet Telepathy ability. If it was not that the innate wisdom attribute was too low, it could only communicate with telepathy. This seemingly weak demon would be even harder to deal with.

The newly born Dretch was still weak.

Many of its abilities have not been fully awakened. With the advancement of their own level, they could also master ‘Cause Fear’, ‘Stinking Cloud’, ‘Summon Demons’, and other spell-like abilities.

“Get out of here!”

Once again, the Mother of Worm sent out telepathy. If the Dretch in front of her did not leave, she was ready to crush this little thing to death.

In its long life, it had met a fool who had became a Dretch but did not want to leave. A fool who wanted to rely on killing the Depths Worms to further accumulate strength. All the fools who dared to bully and challenge the weak were all eaten by it.

The Dretch finally began to move.

It seemed a bit clumsy as if it was not adapted to the current body.

This helplessly made the Mother of Worm’s simple brain produce an understanding of the word ‘Stupid’, which was obviously an undeveloped and unstable brain that the Dretch had so that it had stood in the same place for a while.

Such a fool would soon die outside, and the Mother Worms had no interest in keeping up with it.

About a minute later.

At last, the Dretch became normal. His smaller body moved towards the outside flexibly and soon disappeared in the plains.

In front was the desolate blood-colored plain.

To be the first challenge of the demons, the new Dretches would hunt each other in this plain. In order to gain strength and food, only those Dretches who could pass this plain could truly enter the ranks of demons.

And also the qualifications to become cannon fodder!i𝒏𝐧𝒓ea𝚍. 𝘤𝗼𝓶

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Abyss Domination Chapter 515 - A Dretch!