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Having a Meal

“It’s a freak combination of factors. I didn’t want to be a forensic doctor initially.” Yin Tao knew that the original Yin Tao didn’t like the job at all. “But now that I’ve taken the job, I’ll try my best.”

Feng Jing looked at the girl beside her. The features on her round face were exquisite and adorable. She looked very delicate, but she was not afraid of hard work at all.

“That’s good, Dr. Su said that you are very capable. Work hard and you will be understood by your family in the future.” Feng Jing admired Yin Tao’s persistence. It was indeed not an easy task to persist in her choice despite her family’s opposition.

The mood in the car eased a little. Feng Jing’s phone suddenly rang. As he was driving, he answered the call and put it on speaker.

“Brother, why didn’t you contact me when you went to the branch office?” Feng Jing hurriedly took out his earphones when he heard Lin Jia’s voice. However, before he could connect it, Lin Jia’s voice came from the cell phone again.

“Did you see Yin Tao? Did you get her contact details for me? I’m asking you to do a simple thing, how can you take so long?” Lin Jia sounded a little dissatisfied.

There was silence in the car. Sitting in the passenger seat, Yin Tao heard every single word Lin Jia said. She looked at Feng Jing awkwardly.

“Hello? Are you pretending not to hear me?” Lin Jia was a little impatient when Feng Jing did not respond.

“You can ask for it yourself.” Feng Jing also looked a little uneasy. He looked away from Yin Tao and said to Lin Jia, “She is in my car now.”

After a moment of silence, Lin Jia’s shocked curses could be heard.

“F*ck!” Next came a busy tone. Lin Jia hung up.

Feng Jing coughed and explained to Yin Tao, “Lin Jia, we’ve met at Uncle Yin’s birthday party and you’ve also met at the entrance of the barbeque shop. You asked me for your contact number.”

“Oh.” Yin Tao was a little puzzled. In the original novel, Lin Jia clearly paid more attention to Yin Ning. Why would he want her contact number? “Why would he want it from you?”

“He knows you work at the branch too.”

“Does he know that I’m a forensic doctor?” Yin Tao widened her eyes and looked at Feng Jing.

“He doesn’t know yet…” After Feng Jing finished speaking, he saw that Yin Tao seemed a little relieved.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Captain Feng to tell him. If he still wants my contact details, it won’t be too late then.” Yin Tao didn’t think that the gentle-looking Lin Jia would want to deal with a forensic doctor who dealt with the dead every day.

“You don’t seem to have much confidence in your profession?” Feng Jing parked the car at the entrance of the restaurant but had no intention to get out of the car immediately.

“It’s not that I don’t have self confidence,” Yin Tao explained patiently. “I’m very satisfied with my profession, but it’s hard to say if others can accept it.”

When Yin Tao thought of Zhao Yue and Yin Ning’s dislike for her, she felt a little upset.

“If someone can’t accept it, it can only prove that there’s something wrong with his mind. Your work is very good and you don’t need anyone’s approval.” Feng Jing got out of the car after he finished speaking, leaving Yin Tao who was still in a daze.

Following Feng Jing into the private room of the restaurant, Yin Tao saw Bai Luo and Xia Jin who were already seated.

“What’s going on?” Bai Luo widened her eyes in shock when she saw Yin Tao and Feng Jing enter together. She pulled Yin Tao to the side and asked in a low voice, “I thought you weren’t coming? Why did you come with Captain Feng?”

“Your master called me and asked me to come along.” When Yin Tao saw Feng Jing sitting next to Captain Chen, she explained to Bai Luo in a low voice, “Captain Feng happened to be at the police station and it was on the way”

Bai Luo smiled a knowing smile. “Xiaotao, tell me the truth. Are you and Captain Feng…”

“No!” Yin Tao couldn’t help but glance at Feng Jing. She was relieved when she saw that he was chatting with Captain Chen. “Don’t overthink it, eat your food!”

“Come, come, come. Everyone in division two, let’s toast Captain Feng!” Captain Chen beckoned everyone to rise. Bai Luo and Yin Tao also walked over.

“In the future, we will collaborate with Captain Feng and strive to solve cases as soon as possible!” Captain Chen took the lead and drank a glass of wine. Feng Jing also drank with him.

After three rounds of drinks, the atmosphere at the dining table was good. The police officers of division two were also building some rapport with Feng Jing.

“Captain Feng.” Zhang Han, the vice-captain of division two, walked toward Feng Jing. “I’ve heard from the Municipal Public Security Bureau that Captain Feng is young and promising, and has cracked many mysterious cases.”

Zhang Han had drunk a lot, and his dark skin was a little flushed. “I’ve seen for myself today, you really live up to your reputation. You are not only young, but handsome too.”

Feng Jing smiled politely and Zhang Han asked him, “Captain Feng, do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not yet.” Feng Jing anticipated his next question and felt a headache coming on.

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