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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 9 - CH. 9: The Classes For A Gentleman

[Classes available (Can only equip three at a time)]

Loli Lover: A class available for those who are more than just attracted to the Lolis.??

Class-exclusive skills-

Every Loli shall fall (F-Rank): As the only man who even made the strongest Goddess fall for him, you now possess an aura that can charm any Loli.

Passive effect: 15% increased favorability with Lolis.

—The Sacred candy (D-Rank): Loli and candy share a sacred and immovable bond until the end of the time.

It creates a candy that needs to be eaten by Loli. If successful, you'll gain an instant 10% favorability with her.

Condition: Can only be used once on a Loli.

—Must protecc (F-Rank): Thy loli shall always be protected even at the cost of your own life.

Passive effect: +10% stats when protecting a loli.

—Wrath of Law (Cursed): Since you decided to walk on this forbidden path, you must face the consequences of the Law.

Passive effect: -10% stats when fighting against law enforcement and lawfully aligned beings.


A Class well suited for a gentleman like me.

Hardcore Milf Lover: A Class granted to those who are well-versed in various arts of wooing Milfs and older women.

Class-exclusive skills-

—Natural Gentleman (D-Rank): Your young master bearing leaves an excellent first impression on every mature woman.

Passive effect: +10% instant favorability with any woman older than you.

—Woman empowerment (C-Rank): As one of the perverts whose information on women knows no bounds, you have acquired the unfathomable ability to draw strength from the unique traits of mature women.

Condition: Whenever a mature woman in your party goes "Ara Ara", you both will gain an increase of 5% stats for a minute. The effect can be stacked three times. Skill cooldown is 5 minutes, while one woman can only power it every thirty minutes.

—Shield mine women (F-Rank): A skill that allows you to defend your woman from harm's way.

Passive effect: Summons an invisible shield whenever any buffer in party faces attack that can kill them.

Condition: Can only be used once every three hours.


I only have words of praise about these classes, especially, the Every loli shall fall and Natural Gentleman. I wasted no time and concentrated on the equip button.

[Equipped Class 'Loli Lover']

[Equipped Class 'Hardcore Milf Lover']

Excellent, now I only need to grind. While I was busy planning the level ups, the car stopped. I got off and paid an extra tip to the Japanese driver.

Buddy, I sure hope you survive to use this money…

After blessing the poor soul, I turned toward the academy. The academy was divided into multiple buildings. From what I remember from my time in this school, there is an administration building, a dorm, and lastly, a gymnasium.

I had to get past these tall fences to enter. Although I am a student here and these dorms are my home, I snuck back home yesterday. This boy was my substitute to save seventeen years, having the same appearance as me. He was a bit too silent, which I preferred.

I glanced at Aimi, who had a predatory glint in her eyes as she eyed the academy. "Let's jump over these fences."


We moved a bit far from the main gate guarded by the guards, and when no one was looking, I leaned forward a tad, concentrated strength into my legs, and with more than three times the agility of any human, I sprang in the air.

The wall flashed past my vision as I successfully crossed the fence. I quickly fixed my awkward posture and landed. I still had to get used to this new strength.

"Learning unarmed combat wasn't a waste afterall."

Aimi also landed behind me. Her landing was graceful compared to me.


The horrifying shriek, instead of scaring me, brought a grin to my face.

It seems the show has started.

"Asahi-sama? The virus has begun spreading it seems."

"That is not a virus anymore." I shook my head before grinning. "That's much much more than a measly virus."

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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 9 - CH. 9: The Classes For A Gentleman