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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 89 - CH. 89-90: Nee-san’s First Time (R-18)



As my consciousness returned, I felt numbness in my crotch. I quickly opened my eyes to find Shizuka gazing down at me. From the corner of my eyes, I saw her hand stroking my cock.


I grasped her escaping hand. "Keep going."

She meekly nodded and continued her handjob. As time passed, her stiff movements only increased my libido.

"Nee-san, can you use your... mouth?"

I know it's too much for a virgin but she gotta start somewhere. She had to take responsibility for provoking me!

"M-Mouth… I… I will try it."

I raised my head and she crawled toward my crotch, her ass swaying right in my face. Whether this was intentional or not, but she assumed the 69 position.

Not letting the opportunity slide, I unhooked her belt and pulled down her loose jeans. She cooperated nicely, allowing me to undress her.

"Mature black. I like it."

"Thanks… Aa-kun."

Shizuka grabbed my dick while I trailed a finger on her creamy thighs and poked the wet spot on her silky panties.

"Ngh…" she moaned lightly.

I moved her panties and tickled the tiny patch of blonde hair above her pussy. Shizuka moaned a little and pressed her lips on my glans while stroking the shaft.

I separated her outer walls using my thumbs. Her tantalizing pink insides came into view with her juice drawing threads everywhere.

"Aa-kun…" Shizuka purred, her lovely voice trembling just like her cute clit.

Without further ado, I drove my tongue inside, licking the nectar less sweet than Klyscha but still the sweetest I ever tasted in any woman.

She was a goddess alright.

While I messed up her hole, Shizuka launched a full assault on my cock, trying to swallow it down despite her throat refusing to.

I chuckled and continued my work.

Several minutes passed by, my cock enveloped in her saliva grew blazing hot in her mouth. Shizuka's entire body trembled and her juices became thicker.

She just experienced a mild orgasm...

I suppressed a groan and let loose my load in her mouth.


I sighed and licked her juices clean. She moved away from me and turned around.

"Aa-kun," she whined with teary eyes. My cum leaked from the corner of her lips. "Nee-san choked on your stuff."

I chuckled and pressed her shoulder, pinning her down on the bed. "But you still swallowed it."

Blushing, she placed a finger on her cheeks. "It tasted like pineapple. Want to taste?"

She pursed her lips, her eyes gleaming with mischief.

"Hell no."

"Ufufu. Shiori was right about it."

Damn that woman. How dare she disclose my weakness to everyone. I will punish her later but right now I had to devour this sweet, perverted sister of mind.

I touched her turtleneck to send it into the ring. She was left in a black bra snugly wrapping her boobs.

Short of air, she looked at me with an adorable look in her eyes and arched her back to unhook her bra. I kissed her cheeks, neck, shoulder, and dragged her bra with my teeth.

Moving down to her revealed breasts, I gave a light kiss on the fairly large areola.

"Mmghh. Aa-kun, that tickled."

"Is that so? You are sensitive here."

It's pretty rare for big breasts to be this sensitive. Anime logic at its peak, I guess.

She twisted her body as I ravaged her melons with my tongue and groped them with my free hand. The size and sensitivity easily beat any woman I ever came across.

"Aa-kun~! That felt good~!"

Little hearts drifted around her but the mute notifications didn't disturb me. She was fully aroused by now.

Can she climax with her boobs only?

I tried my best to nibble on her sensitive parts while running my life-mana imbued finger across the silky smooth skin of her boobs.

She suddenly pushed my face in her breasts with both hands and locked her legs around my waist. Her skin experienced light tremors—she climaxed, a big one at that!

Before I suffocated in the soft heaven, her limbs loosened sluggishly. She just laid there blowing hot sighs on my hair.

"Aa-kun, you naughty boy…"

I raised my gaze and grinned. "Ready for the final level?"

She released another hot sigh. "Your?thing?will ravage me even if I refuse."

She was correct since my arousal was over the limit now.

"Hehe, you got no choice. Your little brother will claim your virginity."

I got up on my knees and slid down her sexy panties. Shizuka opened her legs and untangled her lower lips with her index and middle finger, allowing me to easily slide the tip inside.

She winced painfully. I leaned over her and pecked her lips. "Tell me when you can't bear it."

She revealed a gentle smile and hugged my neck. "Nee-san… is a lot stronger than this. Continue…"

I nodded and entered deeper as slow as possible, stopping when her face cringed. She was tight and slippery inside. Her walls gripped my cock as I met some resistance, which might be her hymen.

This was one of the reasons I liked the missionary position for a woman's first time. I could stop when she felt too much pain.

I eased a little before slipping further inside, bypassing the seal in the process. Shizuka bit her lips as tears pooled in her eyes. I kissed her again in an attempt to comfort her pain, to which she closed her eyes and wrapped her legs around my waist.

As I ended the kiss, she embraced me with every bit of her strength, squeezing her melons against my chest.


She blew a hot sigh on my ear, making me shiver.

"Aa-kun~," she teased. I could imagine her foolish grin at the moment.

At least she wasn't in pain anymore.

"You lewd woman. I am gonna mess you up now."

She licked my earlobe in response. "Kekeke, Aa-kun is more experienced than nee-san. But… nee-san will show why they say a woman in her thirties is the thirstiest one."

She twisted her body and her walls suddenly clenched my cock, stopping any sort of movement.

"See… Rika taught me some tricks yesterday."

Tainting Shizuka's innocence—Rika will pay for it later.

"I am gonna move, okay?"

"Um… Aa-kun, don't hesitate to mess up your nee-san's body."

I ramped up my movements. Perhaps thanks to her high stats compared to normal people, Shizuka let out moans devoid of any pain, only pure pleasure.

Being pinned under me, she could only cling to me and moan my name as I slowly but surely learned her weak points. She occasionally moved her hips to increase the tightness of her pussy.

I wanted to see her lewd, messed up face but she resisted by hugging me harder, rubbing her sweaty body against me.

"Not now… please, nee-san is embarrassed..." She begged.

Sex is not embarrassing, huh?

Woman… I can never understand them even after fucking 102 of them.

"Fine." I gave up. "You can only be selfish this time."

"Un. Nee-san will try."

I took my grudges on her pussy, rapidly attacking her sweet spot. Soon, the heat built up enough to make me groan while Shizuka's moan became hoarse with her inside twitching, waiting to suck me dry.

"Aa-kun, cum inside~! It's my, umm, safe day!" She whispered in my ears.

I fulfilled her desire and unleashed my lust inside her womb—a giant load of hot cum.

"Aa-kun's love… is filling me up," She said and her hands lost strength.

I took this chance to break free and witness her current expression. Her tongue stuck out, gasping for air. Tears smeared her red face and her hazel eyes drunk in pleasure was the very definition of ahegao.

The corners of my lips lifted up in a devilish grin. "Did your brother's cock send you to Utopia?"

Shock crossed her face briefly before she covered her face. "Y-You broke your promise."

Supporting myself with one hand, I used the other to peel off her hands to reveal her face. "That expression, any man will be happy to see on his woman's face after they had sex. It's basically screaming 'I am satisfied'. So don't hide such a lovely expression, which boosts my pride."

She uttered some strange sounds and nodded her head. "You bully…? Why are you hard again? Don't men go limp after doing it once or twice?"

"Not me, I can shoot all day if it's with nee-san."

She showed a smile looking pleased. "Flattery won't get you anywhere since I am already yours."

"Okay, okay. I understand. Can you keep going?"

"I can, no, I must satisfy the thing twitching inside me. Nee-san's pride as a woman is on the line."

"Idiot, don't think you are the only one. I can grab any of the girls to do it."

"B-But I am also your woman."

"It doesn't mean I will back down…" she pushed me off and sat up with a sigh. "Let nee-san do the moving for once."

I glanced at my cock glowing a little stronger than last time. The strange thing was it only glowed when I took a girl's first time. Not when I had sex with them for the second time.

I laid on my back and Shizuka mounted me. Her entire body shone with sweat, emphasizing her sinful figure.

She placed her butt over my cock and lowered it, taking in the tip and gradually whole thing inside her tight hole.

"O-Ou…" She gasped, her voice stuck in her throat.

She bent toward me, shoving her boobs in my face. I bit on them while pinching the nipples between my fingers.

Moans of pleasure left her mouth as she twisted her hips, moving back and forth. Her intense thirst was contrary to the fact she was just a virgin minutes ago with an intact hymen.

The sex drive of the woman in her thirties is strong.

I kept toying with her divine boobs while she rode on and on until we came together.

The immoral feeling of cumming inside my blood-related sister made this thing even more satisfying.

She laid on my chest, breathless with my cock inside her.

She hit her limit, I guess.

"Nee-san, you did we—"


"Dear son-in-law~, I have—"

I turned my attention to the door, where Yuriko stood with an enthusiastic smile. However, soon that was replaced with a slack-jawed expression when she looked at our state.

Any mother-in-law will be shocked to see her son-in-law balls deep inside his sister.

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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 89 - CH. 89-90: Nee-san’s First Time (R-18)