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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 86 - CH. 86: A Surprise

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Shiori sheathed the katana and took several deep breaths. The scent of nature in the yard filled her lungs. A fish leapt from the nearby pond, bringing a delicate smile to her face.

"You are improving at a decent pace," Saeko said and slid her katana into the black sheathe.

"I am still far from your level," Shiori replied. "But I can catch up in a few weeks."

Saeko grinned in response. "You do know I am also improving every day."

This younger sister of hers held tremendous skills in combat.

Shiori clicked her tongue. "I am gonna show you who the big sister is, just you wait."

Boasting was the right of an older sister and even God shall not deny it.

Saeko wiped her face with a towel. "You are free to try."

"Why are you trying so hard?" Shiori asked. She was trying to catch up but what about Saeko?

"Nothing in particular."

Shiori narrowed her eyes in suspicion. Saeko turned her face a little and tucked a lock of hair behind her ears. She only did it when she lied.


"I said I am not lying."

"Do you want me to reveal that secret of yours? That my always calm and honorable sister likes to roll—"

"Fine, fine! I want to get the Samurai warrior class."

"Samurai warrior class?"

"I had these visions in my sleep, where a samurai warrior cleaved through thousands of men in one strike. Then a silver-haired goddess appeared and told me about the requirements to unlock the new class."

Shiori pinched Saeko's cheeks before she got more lost in her dreams. 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

Saeko slapped her hand away. "I am not lying, trust me."

"What are the requirements then?"

"Um… t-that's a secret."

"There should be no secrets between sisters, didn't you say that before?"

"Urgh… She said I need to swear a formal oath to Asahi-kun."

Shiori rubbed her chin. Saeko could be right about the dream since Asahi saw something similar.

Samurai class sounded way more badass than Swordmaiden. Though the latter had a kinky vibe to it.

"Doesn't it seem similar to marriage oaths?"

"That's the reason I haven't told him yet."

"Tell him when you are ready." Shiori patted her shoulder. "It might be something important."

Saeko silently nodded. Looking over Saeko's shoulder, Shiori discovered Saya sprinting out of the mansion.

"Saya-chan? Why the rush?"

"The students of Fujimi Academy are here. Saeko, I need your h-help."

During the school days, Saya never asked for anything. She just rolled over everyone with her harsh, straight-to-the-point words.

However, she went from an abusive tsundere to a cute tsundere—that was a miracle.

"Can I come too?" Shiori asked and approached Saya.

"Asahi wants you in the summoning room."

"Ah, today is my day? I almost forgot."

"Heh, I will still be the strongest one," Saya smirked.

"Cute." Shiori couldn't stop herself from pulling Saya's cheeks. "You are useless at close range. I will slice you into pieces before you cast any spell."

Saya back slapped her hand and turned away with a pout.

"I just received these powers..."

"Okay, okay, stop being depressed. Saeko, go help her. I will spend some lovey-dovey time with him alone."

Ignoring their blank stares, Shiori strutted into the mansion and stopped before the summoning room.

"Can I come in?"

She didn't want to intrude upon Asahi making love to someone.


Getting the green light, she marched into the room.

Leme was also there, gazing down at Asahi squatting on the floor with his right hand on the summoning circle.

"Wait a moment," Asahi said.

She nodded and gazed at his back before shifting to Leme fiddling with her fingers behind her back.

Leme had removed her black halo and noblish dress, looking like a normal girl except for her pointed elf-like ears. Everyone was wary of her at first. After all, her ethereal beauty showed she wasn't a normal person. But Leme's childishness won everyone's heart.

Shiori tapped her feet, waiting, holding her anticipation.

A silver flash ended her wait. She instinctively shut her eyes. Coming back to herself, she noticed a giant with white hair, ashen eyes, and tall enough that his head touched the roof.

Baal, the Lord of Flies, a legendary figure in Ars Goetia. He was more badass than the fiery bird.

He started talking with Leme. His stoic expression and dignified voice reminded her of her father.

Please, be safe.

She prayed in her heart.

"Shiori, are you alright?"


Shiori jumped at him. Wrapping her arms around him, she rubbed her face on his sturdy chest.

His hand fell on her head, stroking her hair. "Hey, tell me if it's something I can help with."

She couldn't ask for his help or her father would punch her and say, "That's your faith in your father?"

She had to believe that he was alright, dicing the undead with his darling sword.

She looked up with a smile. "It's nothing and thanks for caring about me, no, caring about us."

Smiling, Asahi moved the bangs and pressed his lips on her forehead. Her heart fluttered in her chest. His care tugged at her heartstrings without him knowing. It was rare for him to let go of his perversion and be a caring person.

She pressed a hand on her cheeks, trying her best to hide her blush.

"You are acting weird," Asahi remarked.

"L-Let's start the contract," She said and withdrew from his embrace.

Asahi gave a nod and a tingling rose in her right hand. She lifted her hand to discover a light mark. It was Enigma.

"Baal, are you okay with the contract?" Asahi asked.

Baal nodded. "Serving Lemegeton and King is the duty of every pillar. I don't see any problem with sharing my powers with a talented swordsman."

After a small ceremony, the contract was successful. Shiori felt something rising in her body. She closed her eyes and sensed it.

The memories of spells.

Saya told her about it once.

But something else was there, very familiar as if she experienced it every day. She unconsciously raised her hand and concentrated it on her hand.

A gale shot out, creating a tear on the wall.

"Wow… I can do it on my own now."

Until now she had to rely on her magic sword to make wind blades. But she awakened the legendary wind element now!

"Congratulations," Asahi said and patted her head, sharing his tender warmth.

The addicting headpats had thoroughly conquered her heart and soul.

Shiori pumped her fist behind her back.

The birth of Storm Queen is nigh!

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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 86 - CH. 86: A Surprise