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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 80 - CH. 80: Yuriko’s Hesitation (Part II)

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A pack of undead crawled toward the gates standing over 5m in height. The giant version of the undead stomped the?crawlers?in a bloody pulp and battered the steel gate with one hand, enduring the hail of bullets with its free hand. A scene straight out of zombie movies greeted Yuriko as soon as she came out of the mansion.

All the work in expanding the walls wasn't a total waste after all.

"Stop wasting bullets on the giant ones." She yelled out orders and created a sharp spike, throwing it at the giant's head.

The spike impaled the giant's head. It collapsed, crushing some unfortunate undead beneath it.

"Magicians keep an eye out for the bigger ones. Stop them from destroying our only defense."


A woman hurled a fire spear; another girl threw a barrage of ice bullets; lastly, a man slashed his hand, sending waves of compressed wind. The spells passed through the gaps in the steel gate and cleared the area around the wall for a second then more undead started attacking the gate in frenzy.

Yuriko frowned as she thrust her hand, shooting numerous little spikes.

This is kind of easy…

"Ma'am, don't relax yet! That's a flag!" Chika yelled and aimed a pistol at the undead. With shaking hands, she pulled the trigger.


A young woman like Chika should have been a university student before this mess. Now the circumstances forced her to pick up a gun and fight for survival.

Yuriko shook her head.

It is the reality now and nothing I do can change it.

Instead, she focused on protecting the base. The thought of asking Asahi's help popped up in her head but she shook it away.

We will hold on until we can.

She never took his threat seriously. He was just a kid alright.

Thinking of random stuff, she kept casting spells.

Precisely thirty minutes later, her mana ran out and she switched to bullets. The mana recovery was well, rather slow. It will probably take another hour for a complete recovery. The ammunition will run out in another half an hour.

Thank god we refilled our ammunition from the nearby police headquarters.

Under the relentless attack of the undead, the steel gate started creaking.

"Stop them!"

They will get completely isolated if the gate breaks.

The guards dropped the guns and stabbed the undead with swords.

The unbearable stench coming from the piles and piles of undead caused Yuriko to scrunch her nose. The guards were wearing masks to deal with this.

The normal survivors ran back and entered the mansion. Yuriko sighed and let them. They will share the same fate if this defensive line collapses.

Several minutes later.

"Men, get the gift we prepared for them," Yuriko ordered.


"You guys retreat from the gate."

It was no use now. The bent gate will collapse any second now.

The guards bought out a crate of standard M67 military-grade frag grenades.

Yuriko grabbed one and examined it. As she examined the ball-like shape, a bunch of lewd thoughts bloomed in her head.

What is wrong with me?

She took off the safety pin and pulled the ring before tossing it. Though she never trained, her physical strength experienced marginal growth.


The grenade exploded, throwing chunks of flesh everywhere.

"Nice. Guys, join me."

*Booom!* *Booom!* *Booom!*

They tackled the stress by tossing grenades. One guy even used a baseball glove to throw the grenade.

Soon, even the grenades ran out, so they switched back to spells. Yet, the undead showed no signs of ending.

Maybe she made a mistake by using the loud grenades. Now the undead filling a part of Japan might be on their asses.

Droplets of sweat trickled down her forehead.

Between the magicians panting for breath, her guards yelling for ammo, and the horrifying groans of the undead, Yuriko found her knee weakening.

The effects of mana overuse started to kick in.

She took a deep breath and touched the silver ring.

It was perfectly within her limits to ask for help. However, she didn't want to rely on a man again.

Her ex-husband carved deep scars in her heart and only a man could heal them with his care. No matter how much she hated it, her sexual interests still lied in man.

Like this, she will get used to relying on Asahi in the future. Coupled with his irresistible aura and the?forbidden?aspect of this relationship, she might lose herself.

That's how most of the love stories started.

However, if the current situation continued, she might not meet Saya again. Her body would not be intact enough to be revived by Asahi—she subconsciously relied on him again.

She clenched her fists.

Screw it. I will leave it to him. Don't disappoint me, kid.

She collected her spirit with a slap on her cheeks. She suppressed her useless pride and poured her mana into the ring.

"Son-in-law… help me."

However, Asahi didn't reply.

Yuriko continued throwing spells, buying time until Asahi answered. However, instead of a voice, a faint sound came from the distance.

Her sharp senses clearly picked it up.

A vehicle?

"Dear mother-in-law, be prepared for some claps on your buttcheeks."

That was… Asahi's voice. His perverted remark made her imagine the scene and a surge of heat rushed to her cheeks.

"How rude," she replied.

"That was our deal, you know. I always honor my words."

"You are not fit to be honorable."

"I can be everything for your booty."

She almost forgot to control the recoil of the gun, almost shooting her own man.

This idiot…

He didn't even bother hiding his interest in her. Still, she didn't feel repulsed by her blatant attempt to flirt.

He was still not an adult—that must be the reason.

"Just hold on. The crowd of fuckers is so dense here."

"Be… careful…"

"I will. Thanks."

"Saya will be shattered if some danger befalls on you."

Asahi may have interpreted it as she would be hurt if he got injured, so she cleared up his?misunderstanding.

"This mother and daughter sure love to play tsundere. Fine, act all you want. I will make you fall for me one day."

"There is no tsun or dere here!" She screamed back with telepathy, flustered by his brazen attitude.

"I lov—"

She took off the ring and took deep breaths to calm her rising anger.

This kid knew how to rile her up.

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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 80 - CH. 80: Yuriko’s Hesitation (Part II)