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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 79 - CH. 79: Yuriko’s Hesitation (Part I)

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Three hours earlier.

Yuriko sat in her office, discussing future raids with her subordinates. Most of the supermarkets were either looted or exhausted, so they had to find other ways to procure food until her son-in-law returned.

A sense of guilt stirred in her heart for wasting his points, or whatnot. However, recalling how he embarrassed her on so many occasions, he got his just dessert.

How did I let my guard down?

Yuriko sighed, making the people around the table fidget a little. She rubbed her forehead, annoyed by the weird changes happening because of a brat's pranks.

Just as she concluded the meeting, the door flipped open and a guard in a black suit came running.

"M-Miss Takagi, we have an urgent situation. The Prime Minister launched a list of evac centers. Tokonosu city's survivors are requested to gather at the Shintoko Third Elementary School."

"Shintoko Third Elementary School?" Yuriko repeated, finding this name familiar.

"Ma'am, that's where Miss Takashi works as a teacher."

Takashi Yuki, the mother of Takashi Komuro, an old friend of Yuriko.

How did I forget her?

Yuriko moved her gaze to the redhead, Chika Amane, who nodded and pushed up her glasses. She had volunteered to become Yuriko's new secretary after seeing her hard work. With terrifying efficiency, she memorized most things she needed.

Maybe she has awakened magic related to memory?

Yuriko couldn't be sure after seeing the miracles her perverted son-in-law performed.

"Announce it to every survivor in the base. They are free to seek refuge at the evac site," Yuriko said.

"How will the survivors get there? The undead, like the young master calls them, are getting stronger," Chika asked.

"I am sure JSDF will start cleaning up the streets sometime soon."

"I will tell it to everyone in the base," Chika said and strode out of the room.

Yuriko waved her hand. "You all are dismissed."

The guards bowed and scooted out of the room.

"Magicians," Yuriko whispered and created spikes with her earth magic. "How did we get this power? Is some God messing with us by playing chess with the undead and humans?"

She defused the magic and leaned her head on the chair. She raised her right hand and gazed at the silver ring on her index finger.

"How plain. Should I tell him about the good news?"

The question was, will he take it as good news? A man like him will hardly care about politics and such, which Saya emphasized time and time again during her talk. It was also one of the things she admired about him.

Honestly, her daughter was too smitten with him. She had a hunch Saya would rebel if Asahi asked so.

She put away the thought of interrupting Saya's group. What if they were in a fight? A small mistake might prove to be fatal.

She let out a sigh and pushed her chair.

"Ma'am, can I enter?"

She plopped back again. "Sure."

Chika entered with a smoking cup of coffee. She placed it before Yuriko and stood on the side.

"So what was the reaction?"

"Mostly positive. People regained their hope from the government's swift comeback."

Chika's thin brows were knitted together. Yuriko took a sip of the coffee and chuckled. "Let me guess, there must be some people demanding some weapon, food, or just straight up asking for my men to escort them."

On the other side of the glasses, Chika's eyes widened a little. "Yes, I don't understand it. Ma'am helped them in their worst situation, keeping them alive."

Yuriko gave a bitter smile. "Cause that's how humans are. The emotions you harbor for others aren't always reciprocated as you want." 𝘪𝓃n𝐫e𝗮d. co𝗺

Chika nodded and took a seat. "Ma'am, can I ask a question?"

"Your brewing skills are good," Yuriko said. "Go ahead."

"Are those words meant for your ex-husband?"

Chika turned her face away from Yuriko's sharp gaze.


Yuriko put down the cup and sighed. "Yes, it is."

"Ma'am, can I ask another question?" Chika asked as her eyes darted between the window behind Yuriko and her face.


"Why have you kept your last name as Takagi even after the divorce?"

None of her relatives ever asked this question. They got all too busy?celebrating?her victory over Saya's custody.

"I bought 'Takagi' estate and the name for six hundred million yen."


After some ups and downs on Wall Street, she had made a name for herself, becoming a well-known stockbroker.

Yuriko sipped on the lukewarm coffee, shaking away the bitter memories of the past.

No worth remembering them now.


An explosion thundered outside. The room trembled; the ceilings creaked; a web spreading across the windows.

"Shit. It's gonna get messy."

A loud explosion like this could attract every undead lurking in the Tokonosu city.

"I will check up on it." Chika ran out of the room.

Yuriko slammed the cup and took out the pistol and assault rifle from her drawer. She put the pistol in her belt and grabbed the assault rifle before running out of the room.

Which idiot caused this damn explosion??Yuriko grumbled inwardly and sprinted toward the mansion's gate.

God just loved to brew troubles in her life.

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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 79 - CH. 79: Yuriko’s Hesitation (Part I)