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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 78 - CH. 78: Back To Tokonosu City

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The rest of the afternoon passed away with lunch and a good read from the summoning Grimoire.

Beleth is bound to be tamed by Aimi.

A yandere never gives up!

Next Diva will be Baal for Shiori, the woman currently reading a horror book while leaning on my side. Anything other than fantasy and action doesn't sit well with me.

"Aa-kun~," Shizuka purred and buried her face in my abdomen. The spoiled nee-san seemed delighted at monopolizing my lap.

Shiori sneaked a glance at Shizuka and clicked her tongue. She fought hard in a rock paper scissor match. But Shizuka's E-Rank luck came on top in nine out of nine matches.

She defied logic with both her luck and boobs that never sagged.

Anime logic.

The door was kicked open, revealing Saya with a frown—the one she used to show me before—the 'You are so annoying' frown. Rika, on the other hand, giggled and took off her military jacket.

"You two sure took your time in the meeting."

Saya's expression softened as she stomped her way to me and slumped near my legs.

"God, they are so annoying," Saya said. "I wanted to burn down the room."

I spoiled her with some headpats, which she readily accepted.

"That's our S.A.T squad, a pain in the ass for both enemies and friends," Rika added and lifted Shizuka's legs, putting them on her lap. "You are as lazy as ever."

"Fufufu." Shizuka giggled. "I don't wanna do anything now."

"Let's rest for some more minutes," I said.

Saya turned to me and nodded. "I really need to cool my brain."

I took out an ice cream bar from the ring and shoved it in her face. Her expression instantly melted. "Delish."

What is this cute creature?


Leme peeked from the door before skipping over to me. "O great harem king, bestow some grace on Leme. Enlighten this lost lamb."


She was asking for some ero material after finishing every ero hentai, novel, and game available locally. Creating new ones required KP and she already finished stuff worth more than 500 KP.

Not anymore.

Saving is always better.

"Pretty please?" She went on her knees and hugged my legs. "Come on, Asahi, Leme can repay the debt with my body."

The tanned lamb was asking to be butchered—so tempting...


She pouted and pulled up her t-shirt. Her breasts sprang free and she rubbed them on my legs. "Leme will even do some stuff these girls refuse to do."

"Argh, stop bothering Asahi," Saya growled at Leme. "I will give some later."

Leme tilted her head. "Leme already went through Saya's stuff," She smirked and poked Saya's cheeks. "Spoiled Princess getting dominated, the domineering—"

Saya covered Leme's mouth. "Stop blabbering lies! Those are my mother's, not mine! Not mine!"


Saya stopped Leme from saying anything and turned to me, her eyes tearing up at her fetishes being revealed.

Still, though, the mother and daughter shared the same submissive trait.

"My, Saya-chan's interest allies with Saeko's. That's why you two get along so well," Shiori teased. "Here I thought Saya-chan didn't like me."

Saya's eyes started flickering. I quickly patted her head, which brought her back. Fiery Saya will make matters worse by spouting more of her fetishes.

"Guys, are we ready?" Nao entered the room with a smile. Her dress changed to a loose green top and a long skirt. She gave off an elegant lady vibe with those intellectual glasses.

Aimi also entered with Saeko followed by two lolis.

"Let's go."


Rika bade farewell to the soldiers left in the building after the transfer. The higher-ups seemed to be having some international conferences in Tokyo.

Well, let them. I don't want to get involved in politics more than necessary. It was tiresome.

People scooted about the entire building. This island could very well be a paradise for non-fighters since they could live without any fear of the undead. The only drawback here would be the food supply.

We got into our boat and Aimi drove us back to Tokonosu city harbor.

A group of milfs welcomed me with wide-open arms, though they were undead. Some of them definitely didn't look like an undead with their face regaining normal features—a new species of undead was in the making.

Saya blasted them with a barrage of Barrett.

We discovered two types until now—the Titan-type, dubbed by the S.A.T squad. They grew in size after eating other undead and magicians. The other one is this?humane-type. This one had more potential than the brute musclehead ones. Perhaps they will regain their memories too.

Who knows?

Fat or hard, kicking their ass was all that mattered.

It still pained me a little to see the milfs getting burned.

May you rest in peace.

The humvee roared in the street full of undead. We cleared this area before going. So where did they come from?

(Tokyo's population is over ten million.)

I let out a sigh.?'Are you bored? I haven't visited you uhh for three days.'

(I am, but I had to do some errands in my personal realm. Getting connected to my real body cuts my connection to Asahi.)

Real body.

'How do you really look?'

I hope she doesn't turn out to be an eldritch monster with tentacles.

(That's a secret but I am more beautiful than my current form.)

I gulped my saliva. Her beauty already transcended the mortal concept of cuteness.

Ding, Motivation +100!

(Haha, will you come tonight?)

'I will.'

(Nn~, I am already wet in anticipation.)

[Yuriko Takagi: Affection +3]

Was the milf masturbating to me?

Or plainly missing me?

In one hour, I got almost 7 points with Yuriko for doing absolutely nothing.

I had a bad feeling about this.

As we neared the Takagi Mansion.

*Bang!* *Bang!*

The sounds of gunshots greeted us. Shizuka kicked up the gear and took a sharp turn.

A thick crowd of undead filled the area, hundreds of mangled corpses blanketing the road.

An undead swarm?

Good lord, Yuriko really needs some spanks on her ass for not telling me.

"Son-in-law… I need help."

Yuriko's exhausted whisper reached me through telepathy.


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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 78 - CH. 78: Back To Tokonosu City