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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 76 - CH. 76: Form A Contract Or Die!

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Aimi found two golden orbs staring right at her. As the light settled down, it revealed itself as a cat with jet black fur and two green horns on its head.

"Why has thou summoned me?" The cat, Beleth, questioned in an indifferent voice. Beleth's gaze stopped on Asahi-sama. "I see. I see. Thou art the chosen Basileus."

That's all Beleth said and laid on the floor, closing his eyes.

Aimi pulled out her beloved dagger. This cat might be a Diva, but he had no right to disrespect Asahi-sama like this. Her bloodlust ran rampant.

However, Asahi-sama grabbed her hand before she ended Beleth's life for good.

Asahi-sama took the dagger and stored it in his ring.

Ow, I wanted to use the dagger touched by Asahi-sama, Aimi lamented.

Beleth shot up from the ground. "Thou wanted to kill me?"

Iie, killing you is letting you off easily.

She suppressed her bloodlust, but some of it leaked out, raising the furs of the impudent cat.

"Thou, what sin have I done to earn your ire?"

Now they were talking. Aimi stepped forward, hiding her devilish grin from Asahi-sama. "Form a contract with me."

Or die.

Her red eyes let loose a menacing glow, freezing the cat on his spot.

'Thou think of thyself worthy to become my contractor?'?Beleth started talking to her with telepathy.

It was better this way. She could threaten without looking like a brute in front of Asahi-sama.

'Beleth. Asahi-sama told me you are a supporter of love.'

'Indeed. That is I, Beleth, a Demon King from 72 Pillars, and a supporter of noble valor and earnest love.'

'My love for Asahi-sama won't lose to anyone.'

'Thou want my power?'

Aimi's furrowed her brow.?'What else would I want?'

'Doth thou have the resolve?'

'I am resolved to kill Death if it threatens to take Asahi-sama from me.'

Beleth flinched at her bold declaration, more so when it came right from her heart.

'I want strength to protect Asahi-sama from any danger.'

She recalled the feeling when the devil woman ordered everyone around and clenched her fists. She didn't want to experience it again. She wanted to gain strength and subdue the devil for Asahi-sama.

'Such deep resolve to protect your beloved is more than worthy.'?Beleth's tone revealed a hint of satisfaction.

Aimi puffed her chest a little. Even Klyscha-sama, Asahi-sama's most beloved Goddess couldn't outdo her love.

'But… I want to test you.'


Beleth nodded and jumped, sitting on her shoulder.

'It's more of a compatibility test. Let me witness more of thy love!'

This Diva was indeed peculiar as Asahi-sama said. Given enough time, she would tame it with her charming kitchen knife.

'Fine, just don't interrupt me when I make love with Asahi-sama.'

'I do not have a fetish for voyeurism.'

'It's good then.'

Aimi turned around and flashed a dazzling smile she had learned after comparing the smiles of the woman he loved.

The result was instant, dazing Asahi.

"I did it."

Asahi nodded with a smile. "Great. Is he ready for a contract?"

"Not yet," She said and shook her head. "But soon."

"That's good."

Three days is the limit,?she set a deadline for taming the demonic cat, or Asahi-sama will be disappointed in her.

No more. She even opened her heart to the other girls and got closer to them. Sealed every thought of monopolizing Asahi-sama and kept most of her creepy thoughts to herself.

(I know them.)?Klysha-sama said.

'Klyscha-sama… please don't tell them.'

(You respect your part of the deal and I will keep mine.)

Aimi nodded. The secret of Klyscha-sama only she knew—the Omnipotent Goddess wasn't as simple as she showed. She could make Asahi-sama stronger but decided not to do so to bring out his maximum?potential. Her feelings for Asahi-sama were genuine—the only reason Aimi trusted her and accepted the deal to reincarnate alongside Asahi-sama.

(I can hear your thoughts...)

'I never intended to hide anything from Klyscha-sama.'

(True. I want my love to not face any limits in his path. I am helping him in his goal to embrace my true body.)

'I know that and I'm supporting him to the best of my ability.'

She grinded down hordes of undead everyday for his sake. Even cutting her sleep period to two or three hours. She would have long collapsed if it weren't for her high stats.

"Aimi?" Asahi-sama's manly voice brought her back to reality.

She grabbed Beleth's tail and tossed him out of the room before locking the door.

"Asahi-sama, please," She said and unzipped her jacket. "One round."

Asahi-sama showed a troubled smile and nodded. "Sure."

Seducing him was so easy.

The room had a sturdy bed which she used to its utmost potential, stretching the session to one and a half hours.

She could still go on and the same was true for Asahi-sama. But having this much monopoly was enough, or she might start harboring more desires for him and become a bad yandere.

This was her way of repenting for the sin she committed.

Asahi-sama was kind enough to forgive her, but she couldn't forgive herself even though her mistake had changed their lives for the better.

She cherished the last kiss he gave her before he left the room.

Lying on the bed, she traced her finger on the warm bedsheet with a longing look in her eyes.

Saya's training can wait.

Nodding at Asahi-sama's scent lingering on the bed, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 76 - CH. 76: Form A Contract Or Die!