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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 74 - CH. 74: Nao’s Dream

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The next day,

Nao opened her eyes. Her vision swirled and a drowsiness engulfed her—a second later, a strong scent entered her nostrils.


She jolted awake and sat up. Feeling a little cold, she looked down and found her bare chest hanging out in the open.

She creakily turned her head, finding Asahi buried between the girls with a soft smile on his face.

Gawd, I did it now.

Bathing together in a group was one thing, but sleeping naked with him… it was too much for her innocence.

Curiously tilting her head, Nao examined her vagina. She felt nothing like pain or pleasure.

Asahi-kun didn't do it?

She snatched her t-shirt lying sandwiched between Shizuka's thighs and put it on. She proceeded to examine every girl in the room. They looked clean and the room had no distinct odor.

Nobody had sex.

She patted her chest, relieved that no orgy had taken place.

But why were they naked?

Thinking of the word ??Naked', her imagination ran wild. She couldn't help but glance at Asahi's lower body.


She somehow found his thing fiercely cute. Something she thought she would never do after the incident where she almost lost her life.

Hating every man during this apocalypse just because a bunch of lawless people tried to harm her—it would have affected Aiko's survival one way or another if not for Asahi's help.

She had nothing but gratitude for Asahi for this.

The handsome youth was rather perverted, undeniably so. Yet, something about him attracted people. Something that made her free of her worries. Even the cold lady Yuriko laughed once in a while, all because of his antiques.

A simple way of putting it would be a perverted yet kind youth with irrefutable charms. His presence gave a strange sense of security to people around him.

She nodded at her wise assumption and wore her panties.

Did he grope me last night?

She imagined the scene and blushed. She didn't mind joining his harem if he asked sincerely. As a matter of fact, she even dreamed of it once.

However, a reserved woman like her would need a strong push. A serious confession that melts her heart or outright strips her naked to show his desire.

What am I even thinking? I am not that loose, am I?

She shook her head and clenched her fists, bursting a wind bubble. She had grown far stronger than before. Her mana reserves stayed almost the same but her efficiency in using the wind magic went up a lot. Now she can cast five wind bullets in succession instead of three with double the power.

Knocking back a group of the undead was a piece of cake.

Seeing the captain acting politely towards Rika, made her realize one thing.

Society will soon change, centering around magicians like herself.

Someone outstanding like Asahi and Saya might even become pillars of Japan. Though considering Asahi's quirky personality, the chances were slim.

At least she and Aiko would be able to travel the world alongside him, even if it's for killing the undead.

I am just leeching off of them, aren't I?

She smiled bitterly at the thought. The others had their unique way of supporting the group, whereas she felt like her presence didn't contribute enough to this group.

Fighting prowess?

Asahi alone could wipe out every undead with his unique 'Creation' ability. He could make mana bombs or even a nuke powered by mana. There are so many ways to use his unique power.

She let out a sigh and created a sphere from the wind, making it dance with her fingers. It was her daily training to control the winds.

She might as well hone her skills in fighting instead of being brains since Saya was more than enough for the role.

Seeing the wind dancing to her tune, a strange thought popped in her head.

Will there be a day I can cause a storm with a wave of my hand?

That would be friggin cool.

She gave a glance at Asahi and smiled. She might definitely succeed if she stayed around him. She can't escape anyway. Asahi's eyes when he looked at her in the bath carried a familiar look—Aimi's gaze when she observed Asahi.

Speaking of Aimi, Nao stood from her spot and walked to the door.


The door opened and Aimi entered. "Nao-chan?"

Nao hadn't gotten used to the way this stoic woman addressed her. "Were you guarding the door?"

"Yes, that's my duty as Asahi-sama's bodyguard and lover."

Her devotion, courage, and single minded approach of treating others made Nao envious. Her innate clumsiness had shamed her on many occasions like slipping on dry ground, buttons of her shirt popping out of nowhere, forgetting her own address—the list went on and on.

"Aimi-san," Nao whispered and took a deep breath. "Can you teach me some martial arts?"

Aimi had taught so much to other girls, so she might also learn a thing or two.

Aimi frowned and gazed down at Nao's chest.

Nao tilted her head. Was there a relationship between her boobs and martial arts?

"Can you fight with them?"

Nao formed a bitter smile at Aimi's question. Honestly, her back sometimes ached because of her bountiful chest. Half of her falls resulted from unbalance due to her I-cup breasts bordering the territories of becoming a J-cup.

Nao shared a sense of camaraderie with Shizuka since they shared the same problems. However, unlike her, Shizuka was a true J-cup.

Aimi sighed and nodded her head. "I will teach… what I can."

"I will try my best."

Nao wanted to apply for a teacher's job. Now she has become a cool woman's student.

This situation felt ironic.


Nao caressed Aiko's cheeks sleeping with an adorable smile on her face. This little cousin of hers had been with her for four years now.

Recently, Aiko started to see all kinds of colors around people.

Asahi for one had blue and red colors around him. Shizuka had a mix of gold, green, and red.

They might be related to their emotions.

She hadn't told it to anyone yet, but intended to ask Asahi today.

Nao glanced at Rini hugging Aiko with a peaceful smile. While Leme was sprawled near the edge of the bed.

They are so cute.



Nao kissed the children's forehead in turn and met with Aimi out of the room.

Since the captain temporarily gave this entire floor to the group, Aimi took Nao to another room.

Nao followed Aimi's instructions, doing exercises to improve her balance and coordination before moving on to the ones increasing her core strength.

I will become a flexible fighter.

Someone who can play both the frontline and support.

She never felt so much motivation to do something and she poured all of it into her training.


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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 74 - CH. 74: Nao’s Dream