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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 73 - CH. 73: The Challenge

Holy sh*t, the comments on yesterday chapter killed my mood to write anything... just wow.


"Fuuh." I sighed in contentment.

"That hit the spot," Shiori said.

"I think so too," Saeko whispered, rubbing my back with a washing towel.

Shiori tried to use her breasts but I denied it—the toughest decision of my life if I say so.

Patience or I might start an orgy here.

It wasn't usually bad but Aiko and Rini, getting their hair rubbed by Nao and Shizuku side by side.

That put an end to my plans.

Nao being here naked surprised me too. Her affection points are 73 now, really high when I barely interacted with her.

Her juicy boobs with wide brownish areola bounced as she scrubbed Aiko's hair.

A sight to behold.

As if sensing my gaze, she looked up with a smile and nodded her head. Her smile contained a hint of shyness—something I had never seen before.

Aiko also beamed with her little face hidden in foam.

Rini, well, she was mostly flat but still cute. Her future is very promising.

Saya sat in the corner with her back against me. The tsundere poured a bucket of water on herself and shivered.

"It's heaven, isn't it?" Shiori asked as she lifted my cock as if treating some delicate thing. "It's time to clean this boy."

"Shiori," Saeko tried scolding Shiori from behind.

"Don't Shiori me. Look at how wet you are before scolding me."

"T-That's water."

Shiori snorted. "Let me confirm if that's water or not."

Before Shiori could answer, the door slid open and Rika entered with a towel wrapped around her tanned body.

"Aa-chan, they agreed," Rika said with a bright smile. "Now, I can leave."

The deal was about an exchange. The captain of hers wanted to arrest Natsumi, but I refused. Things got a little heated, causing Rika to step up before I smashed his damn head off.

After thinking over it, I proposed Rika's freedom in exchange for handing over Natsumi. I wanted Rika to leave without regrets. Sure, I could just kidnap her and these officers won't be able to do a thing. But, that would have a negative effect on Rika. She had served this country for years and parting on bad terms would be terrible for her heart.

As for Natsumi, we all know handing an antagonist to the law will never end well. She will escape one way or another and bring havoc. She couldn't do much either way with her current powers.

How strong could she get?

It made me curious. I wouldn't have let her off if it weren't for her capability to become a walking XP farm.

It wasn't my overconfidence or arrogance speaking. She has potential but it is still dwarfed by girls contracted with Diva, whose powers were like Gods, and me, a literal high human.

So I will let her get strong until I find someone who could use the same magic as her or better I will learn it with another Grimoire.

'Klyscha, what's the price?'


That's a lot. I only had 23190 KP after killing all the undead here.

Yep, our group alone cleared this island in less than six hours. I also became Lvl 12.

('Creation version' is one of the rarest versions of summoning since it relies on the imagination and gives them life the 'Creation' Element. It's also a rare magic that let's you create life from mana.)

'Reasonable… Klyscha is getting better at explaining things.'

(I work hard in my free time.)

'I know.'

With the presence of the girls, this normal bath had become heaven, and only I could enjoy it.

"Pokey pokey."

Leme poking my cock as if it was some toy. The protection of the towel saved me!

Droplets of water dripped down her lovely brown skin, making her appear even more charming.

Still though why do I always forget about this Diva?


We left the bath which was the biggest one on this floor and gathered in Rika's room. Rini and Aiko went to sleep early. The toll of a bloody day showed its effects. Leme took the role of an older sister to accompany them.

Gathered around a low table, we started by making sure Rika caught up with us, which naturally meant how the girls joined our group and Shizuka's feelings.

"Shizuka accepted Asahi as her man?" Rika whispered in disbelief. "I should have seen it coming."

"I had to convince her," I said and grinned at my nee-san.

She covered her face with both hands. "Mou, stop teasing me, you two."

"Ain't she adorable?" Rika grinned and chugged down the beer from a can. "Sweet."

"That's nee-san for you."

"Wanna taste it?" Rika waved the can, her provocative gaze fixed on Busujima siblings. "Or you two are a bunch of sissies?"

Shiori and Saeko exchanged a glance, talking through their eyes. Shiori nodded and turned to Rika with a sweet smile.

"Well, well, well. How about a match to see who can drink more tonight?" Shiori challenged with a grin. "We sisters should be more than enough to outlast a hag past her prime, no?"

Shiori pressed Rika's wrong button with the age talk, officially triggering Shizuka and Rika who are in their late twenties.

Shiori, you are wrong on so many levels that I can't retort.

"You made a mistake challenging us." Saeko acted a little smug.

She was also swept into Shiori's mischief.

"You guys… This was supposed to be a serious discussion about our future," Saya said as she shut down the laptop.

Shizuka grabbed the can, gulping it down easily.

"Oh no, Shizuka has zero tolerance for alcohol." Rika turned to me. "She is gonna cause a ruckus soon."

Shizuka wiped her face with her sleeve and revealed a smirk at Saya. "I expected more from you. You wanted to become a mother with this attitude."

Saya flinched at Shizuka's harsh words then faced me with teary eyes.

"See, you relied on him the moment someone stepped on your ass."

Shizuka dealt the final blow and tears burst out of Saya's eyes. Saya tried to approach me but Shizuka grabbed the scruff of her neck.

"You ain't getting a child until you are mature enough."

"Not mature enough…" Saya whispered and scarlet flickered in her teary eyes. She turned around, her boobs crashing into Shizuka's. "I am not mature enough?"

The two busty beauties challenged each other.

"Yep, look at you crying."

Saya snorted. "Says the perverted sister with saggy meatbags."

"What did you say?" Shizuka cracked her knuckles with a grin. "Wanna fight, huh?"

Where did my angelic sister go...?

I slipped between the two and squeezed their boobs. "Girls, please calm your titties, or I will."

Note to future self, never let drunk Shizuka and excited or furious Saya in one place.

Saeko, Shiori, and Rika didn't even glance at the drama between the two, emptying cans after cans of beer.

None of them will back down and it will be a mess later.

The girls will suck me dry today...

I sat beside Rika and took three cans. Handing one to Aimi and Nao, I drank down the last one.

If you can't beat them, join them.


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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 73 - CH. 73: The Challenge