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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 72 - CH. 72: An Annoying Situation

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Geez, this woman too was sniffing me secretly. Knowing her, she will do it openly.

[—Rika Minami: +9 Affection]

['Rika Minami' relationship changed to 'Waiting for Proposal']

Even Rika wasn't shameless enough to join me after seeing a bunch of girls around me. Well, she wouldn't think twice if I asked her.

I let out a sigh.

She would have died if we didn't arrive on time. Even her body would be eaten by these pups, making my revival spell useless.

Just thinking about it froze my heart.

This woman wasn't getting away.

"What do you want to do with her?" I asked.

"I don't care," Rika said, showing no intention of leaving my embrace.

As much as I appreciated her kindness, we needed to do something about this milf.

I put on the glasses that always came in handy at reading the Grimoires.

Natsumi Aizawa Lv. 19

—Designated Title: Endgame antagonist

—Race: Human

—Class: Summoner


—Strength: 21

—Dexterity: 27

—Constitution: 38

—Defense: 38

—Charm: 28

—Magic: 74


[—Summoning 'Creation Version' (E-Rank): The user can summon any fictional creature but their level cannot exceed the user's level. The number of active summons at this rank is two.]

[—Physical Reinforcement (C-Rank): The user can reinforce a specific part of their body with the help of mana. At this rank, 1 MP can be used to gain 3 DEF points.]

[—Water Magic (F-Rank): Only those with calm, peaceful, uncompromising, and honorable traits can awaken this magic. This skill allows the user to create spells in exchange for mana. The maximum output of magic is limited by the rank.]

74 Magic.

Endgame antagonist…

Was she supposed to become one?

Her skills are troublesome to deal with, and her level is 19! I can imagine her riding an evil dragon in the future, fighting the hero wielding a holy sword.

Just wow...

(Order and Chaos are the natural laws the world works on. An antagonist threatens the world, growing strong enough to threaten the Order. Then a protagonist emerges, having even more absurd growth than the antagonist. They fight and often kill each other in the process.)

'And this cycle continues.'

(This is the easiest strategy to maintain a balance between Good and Evil.)

Reasonable. Now, about the protagonist—the very first image that came to my mind was the Silver Lady. She had enough power to be called a protagonist.

'Why does she have Water Magic? An antagonist can't be an honorable person.'

(There is a problem here. This woman obtained this magic by some other means.)

'What exactly are these designated titles?'

(Designated titles are roles a world decides for an individual. Protagonist, Antagonist, Protector, Savior, Guardian, Sidekick, Demon lord, King, Evil Overlord, it can be anything.)

Whatever. She is gonna die either way.

"Rika, why did she attack you?"

Rika looked up with a grimace. "She wanted to kill me and consume my Ether orb."

"Ether orb? What's that?"

"You also don't know?" She pursed her lips. "Fine, listen."

She started explaining. My brows furrowed the more I heard. No magician died by my hands, so finding this 'Ether Orb' was impossible.

(She must be talking about Mana Core, which is the organ responsible for sending mana throughout the body. It's not safe to eat them since every person has a unique mana wavelength.)

No matter if she was the endgame antagonist or not, I guarantee this woman wouldn't survive a single Barrett.

Rika finally stopped hugging me and dragged Shizuka to the side, starting a talk.

"Rini, cool down."

"Hai, onii-san."

I pulled out my dagger. Let's see if the XP is worth killing a woman.

She also faced me, a dark aura rising from her body. Intending to finish it quickly, I kicked the ground and slashed my dagger at her throat.


An ice wall blocked my advance. I activated Frigid Flash, dicing the wall into pieces.

A fist wrapped in bluish light headed for my face. I struck her hand away with the flat side of my dagger.

"I call for thee, my beautiful wolves. Come and devour my enemies."

Goosebumps ran over my body. These chants, just how chuuni could this woman get…?

The same wolves emerged out of thin air. I cast Barrett and killed the wolves.

[—You earned 54.2 XP from killing Level 19 Northern Wolf]

[—You earned 54.2 XP from killing Level 19 Northern Wolf]

Wait, they also gave XP? I didn't notice it before.

(I also activated the XP distribution for Rika.)


"Is that all? C'mon, summon more of them."

"Finish her already!" Saya yelled, her hands pointing at Natsumi trembled.

I smiled at her.


Saya's stomach growled. She blushed, even the tip of her ear went blood red.

She was hungry…

Shiori giggled, causing Saya to growl at her.

Natsumi chanted again, summoning two wolves. Was that just me or did she shed some tears just now?

Well, who cares? I killed the wolves again and checked my XP bar.

[—XP: 15900/25600]

And I was only Level 9. Distributing XP had some disadvantages.

What if I let Natsumi live and level up? She will become strong enough to summon hundreds of wolves, all capable of giving thousands of XP.

The undead's number will dwindle down someday but she will be able to summon as long as she has mana.

A walking XP farm.

But she almost killed Rika.

God, I was conflicted between the past and future.

(It's up to my love to decide.)

None of the girls would do anything if I decided to kill Natsumi cause she deserved it. But doing it in front of Aiko, the innocent loli, was unforgivable.

Before I could decide, the sound of several vehicles rang in the distance.

Fuck, Rika's comrades arrived.


I guess some of you must be upset for her survival... But she will pay in the future when she appears again.

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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 72 - CH. 72: An Annoying Situation