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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 71 - CH. 71: Shizuka’s Element

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Even in the face of death, Rika remained strong and refused to close her eyes. Thus, she saw the ray changing its course and hitting the wolf.

The wolf only whimpered once before it slumped down with half of its head blown off.

'Such firepower.' i𝓷𝚗𝓻𝒆𝓪𝒅. co𝘮

She shoved the wolf away, keeping an eye on the boat, which seemed rather fast compared to most of the boars. Two figures stood on the front, one of them waving both their hands as if excited.

"Fuck, bitch, who are they?" Natsumi yelled and stomped on the ground like a little girl. "Why are they so powerful?"

'Hell, if I know,' Rika thought and rubbed the water from her eyes.

As the boat came closer, she could see the blonde woman, finding her familiar.


'Shizuka's voice?'

Her eyes opened wide, taking in Asahi's figure standing beside Shizuka.

She sighed and her lips lifted up. Finding them again lifted off the heavy feeling on her chest. She staggered ahead, all the while ignoring Natsumi.

The one who used the magic seemed to be Asahi since Shizuka was too harmless to kill someone. His brows drew in an angry frown left her surprised. She never saw him this serious as he always had a listless expression.

But the expression suited him fine.

Asahi was angry for her sake—the fact made this even more adorable.

'He grew up…'

She heard another growl from behind but did nothing.

Asahi smirked and pointed his finger like a gun and massive fiery wings sprouted behind him, firing a barrage of beams again. The wolf whimpered as the fire engulfed it. Fur, flesh, blood, the fire eradicated everything without a single speck of ash.


She unconsciously licked her lips. The current Asahi, she just couldn't look away.

Before the boat stopped near the shore, Asahi picked up Shizuka and jumped. Shizuka wriggled out of his hold and dashed for her.

"Rika! You are hurt so badly! Where is my kit?!" Shizuka frantically waved her hands, throwing golden sparks everywhere. She noticed it and her mouth went round. "T-This, this is healing magic!"

Looking at Asahi's surprised expression, Shizuka had awakened it now. Healing magic for the nurse Shizuka—it seemed oddly suitable.

"Nee-san, touch Rika's thighs with your hands."

Shizuka obediently placed her hands on her bleeding thigh, bringing a cool feeling to those wounds. The pain receded quickly. Though she felt a little tired, the joy of meeting the siblings made her full of spirit.

"Done! This magic is so good!"

"Thanks, Shizuka."

Shizuka got up and heaved a sigh of relief. "Anything as long as you are fine."

Rika couldn't help but pull her into a hug.

"Waah," Shizuka yelped but accepted it otherwise. "Ri-chan…"

Resting her head on Shizuka's shoulder, Rika rubbed her back and looked at Asahi sporting an unusual smile. It was warm and affectionate, yet some lust seemed to be hidden in that smile. She also smiled, only to freeze when a woman climbed up the port and stood beside Asahi.

One after another women kept coming out of the boat.

A pair of twins with exotic swords.

A busty woman wearing glasses holding a little girl with an innocent smile.

A cool woman with gray hair whose calm smile sent chills up her spine.

A pink-haired girl with twin tails and glasses.

Each one of them was beautiful. From the way, they stood beside Asahi, invading his private space, these girls liked him.

"Asahi! My console is splashed with water!"

A brown-skinned woman climbed up, waving a console around. She was dressed in a loose gray top. She was another beauty with a tattoo on her forehead. However, something about her felt off.

'Wait, there are more?'

Rika exclaimed mentally when a cute blue-haired jumped from the boat then she turned to Natsumi and growled like an angry dog. The air around the little girl froze her nerves.

'She is also dangerous…'

Asahi came forward, forced Shizuka away from her, and brought her into his embrace. His strong arms almost squeezed her body.

Her eyes went wide at his aggressive move.

"It's good you are fine," he said and caressed her back just like she did to Shizuka.

It felt odd to be comforted by someone younger like Asahi. She reeled in and encircled her arms around his back.

'So wide and hard.'

She didn't think Asahi would be this robust. She remembered him lifting weights everyday which she and Shizuka mostly ignored.

Aa-chan, just what did you go through after the outbreak?

She will solve this later. Right now, she will indulge in the scent that never fails to arouse her.

The pink-haired glared her way, jealousy, and envy obvious on her cute face. Others didn't have much of a reaction.

'So they are united or just good at hiding their feelings?'

Whatever it was, she praised the young lad for making them fall for him.

She grinned.

'I am also joining the fun.'

"Rika! Can you all stop ignoring me?!"

Instead of paying attention, Rika just stayed there in Asahi's embrace.

'It feels good to rely on Aa-chan.'


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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 71 - CH. 71: Shizuka’s Element