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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 68 - CH. 68: Titan-type

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Location – Tokonosu Offshore Island Airport

Time – 1000 Hrs

The sun rose to its peak; its heat smoking the hideous flesh of the undead slithering on the wide streets surrounded by the tall buildings. Some had become debris, nothing but a mere shadow of their past.

A tan-skinned woman standing on one of those buildings watched everything with her playful red eyes hiding behind military-grade sunglasses, contrary to the drops of sweat sliding down her face.

*Thud!* *Thack!* *Bam!*

The door behind her was reaching its limit. The noisy grunts of the undead irritated her ears.

"Rika, retreat! Quick!"

A sharp scream came from her earpiece. The order brought a devilish smile to her face as she turned around, giving a last look at the rotten bastards. Her reunion with her friend got delayed all because of them.

"Goodbye, zombie fuckers."

She grabbed the cable tied to the railing and leaped over the balcony. Her eyes brightened up and a cry escaped her lips.


Within seconds, she neared the ground.

She pulled the hook from her waist and latched it onto the cable. It slowly tightened on the thick cable, killing off her momentum.

She landed on the ground and swiped the cable with her knife. She darted for the truck while covering her ears.


A massive explosion engulfed the building behind her.

Great! That's what you deserve.

This only finished a small part of the 30,000 'former human now abominations' crawling on this island.

"Uhh… Rika, don't come here."

A series of groans echoed in her earpiece.

"Hey, Tajima, answer!"



The com line glitched out.

The fuck happened?

Should she heed his warning and stay away?

"As if."

Her walk broke into a sprint. She whipped out five water bottles from her backpack and tossed them in the air.


A silenced bullet pierced the bottle, scattering the water everywhere. Rika's eyes sharpened, concentrating her willpower. Before falling to the ground, the water floated and condensed into a spear.

She applied pressure on all sides, compressing it until it became denser than any metal on the entire Earth and its tip sharpened.

A grin appeared on her face. The power to move anything using willpower was truly the gift of God.


A terrifying roar resounded behind the truck. Rika slowed down and pulled out an MP5K submachine gun from her backpack.

Step by step, she sneaked closer and noticed the lack of abominations in this area.

I should have dragged one of those bitches with me.

She wasn't the only one who awakened powers. The airport base had tons of them. They all lacked the courage to free the clogged up Airfield and Boat Docks.


She spun around and pulled the trigger. The gun spewed out bullets, drilling through the rotten thing's body.


She kicked it in its chest and spat. To think she almost used her trump card on this weak ass.

*Thud!* *Thud!*

A series of loud footsteps poured cold water on her thoughts.

Shit, the Titan-type is here.

The most troublesome type. Bullets, grenades, and even rocket launchers were ineffective on them. Only those with power could kill them.

She spun around and hurled the spear with all her power. It pierced through the giant creature's head. Just to be sure about its death, she emptied an entire magazine on it.

Normal bullets were futile. Rika, however, could coat the bullets with her telekinetic ability. It didn't increase the speed or anything. Yet, any coated bullet easily pierced the Titan-type's defense.

It perhaps had something to do with these things possessing the same type of energy as the Ability users.

"Crazy girl... you... did... it."

Rika walked over in the direction of the voice and found Tajima leaning against the wall. His legs were squashed as if a truck had run over him. Still, the man busily lit up the cigarette held between his lips.

"Hey… I am... cough...still alive…"

Tears almost welled up inside Rika's eyes. Although she had no romantic feelings for him, they had spent years together in service.

"Hey, you still… didn't reply to… my advances."

"Wait, you were serious about asking me out?" Rika asked. "I thought you were joking."

Tajima's eyes bulged in shock. He coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"What… the fuck... woman? How could I joke for years?!"

Rika stuck out her tongue. "Sorry."

Tajima sighed and wiped the blood from his mouth. "Do you have… someone you like?"

Rika's mind sunk into thoughts. She liked Asahi and Shizuka equally. If she had to choose between Asahi's innocence and Shizuka's clumsiness, she won't be able to answer. 𝑖𝓃𝓃r𝒆𝘢d. c𝘰m

Both were dear to her.

Her only relief outside of this job. Having someone to share your troubles wouldn't be bad...

An intense cough terminated her line of thoughts.

"I do," Rika answered honestly, "He is the li'l brother of my friend."

Tajima chuckled at her answer. "Even now you show no mercy… I knew a woman… like you would devour little kids."

Remembering Asahi's innocent expression, Rika unconsciously licked her lips. "I promised Shizuka to take care of him."

"Is that so…" Tajima muttered and coughed again. "Take this gun with you."

Rika's expression turned grim. She threw away her sunglasses and gave a last salute to her partner.

Tajima smiled and hung his head. Rika picked up the SMG and sprinted toward the base.

Moments later, a deafening boom occurred behind her. The explosion might have taken hundreds of abominations along with it.

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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 68 - CH. 68: Titan-type