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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 66 - CH. 66: New Name, New Start

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Sayo was wrapped in Shizuka's embrace. The two made an oddly alluring sight. I pinched nee-san's cheeks.

Shizuka sleepily opened her eyes.

"Rise and shine, sleepyhead."

"...Aa-kun?" She said and closed her eyes, pulling the blanket over her face. "Don't wanna."

I had a hunch she would become spoiled when I accepted her but this was on an entirely different level.

"C'mon, I don't want to lewd you in front of a little girl."

"A kiss then…"

I hardly caught her faint whisper.

"I didn't hear a thing. Speak loudly, would you."

Her face peeked out from the blanket as she spoke, "Nee-san wants a kiss."

"Oh, a kiss."

I leaned forward while she raised herself to accept the brief touching of our lips.

"Umm…" Shizuka groaned with longing in her eyes as if wanting more of my affection.

That had to wait.

Right now, we can't afford to let Sayo have any lewd thoughts.

She must stay pure.

A pure loli brings luck!

Shizuka turned her attention to Sayo who was pinching her shirt in her sleep. "She had a nightmare last night."

I ruffled the little girl's hair and a small smile spread on her lips.

"She will be fine."

She was stronger than this. The monster blood inside her would make her more ferocious in the future. Perhaps I should choose the Monster Tamer class when it appears.

"I hope so…" Shizuka whispered with a worried face. "A girl like her shouldn't have gone through that."

"Onee-san…" Sayo whispered as she rubbed her eyes. "Asahi onii-san?"

An arrow pierced right through my heart.

No, wait, she is illegal!

Before I knew it, my hands were patting her head. Sayo leaned toward me with a soft smile.

Shizuka sighed looking at us.

After some more headpats, I dragged the two into the bath. No reason to be alone when I can take one together with my sexy onee-san.

We washed Sayo together, helping her up in her maid clothes.

"Onii-san, what is that?"

I almost choked on whatever saliva was there in my mouth. Sayo was pointing at my crotch with eyes brimming with innocence.

"It's nothing."

The underwear failed to hide the slight bulge. A towel would have been better to cover it up.

She silently nodded while Shizuka giggled.


Standing outside the mansion, I watched Saya and Yuriko hugging each other in silence.

Inviting Yuriko now would do more harm than good. She had alone overseen this Takagi Clan for years. Now she watched over this survivor shelter gradually building up to a decent base. She might think we doubted her ability and strength.

For the same reason, Saya had held from inviting her and left the sacred duty of seducing her mother to me.


"Mama, I will return soon," Saya sobbed and left Yuriko's embrace. "Please stay safe."

"You don't have to worry about me. I can take care of myself," Yuriko said with a smile and turned toward me. "Dear son-in-law, you are responsible for Saya's protection."

"Yes, ma'am."


I took a quick step forward and pulled Yuriko into a tight hug. Taking a moment to stroke her sweet ass, I released her.

She glared at me before glancing at Saya, who averted her gaze. She stared wide-eyed as if astounded by her daughter's change.


Shouting, Leme scampered out of the mansion. Her hair messed up as if she woke up just now.

"H-How can you forget about Leme?!"

"Where the hell were you even?" I scolded the forgetful Diva. "I haven't seen you for a day."

"I-I lost track of time while playing," Leme said, bringing a chuckle out of everyone here. "O, Oh… there is a new girl here!"

She threw herself at Sayo, suffocating the poor girl in her melons. "Asahi, you showed me that you are fit to be a harem king."

Shut the hell up for a second. Yuriko looked at me with those loathing eyes as if saying 'You are a lolicon after all'.

Nao silently pushed Aiko behind her, hiding the cute loli from me.

"You can't blame Asahi-kun for who he is."

Shiori added the final touch of betrayal…


After coaxing Yuriko about my preference of Milfs, which made her cheeks red, we departed. I also gave my blessing to the new couple stuck on guarding the mansion.

We borrowed another car to contain everyone. Our group had grown bigger than last time with the addition of Sayo and Leme. This Diva could become a spiritual entity to hide inside me, but refused to do so.

Yuriko watched us as our Humvee exited the mansion, her eyes glistening with unshed tears.

Maybe I should have kidnapped her...

I will return here once after retrieving Rika from the airport. The supermarket food will go bad quickly, so will most of the non-preserved food. This base will face serious food problems in a month or so.

The food prices were pretty tame with KP. Then I also had to summon another Diva.

Which should I pick first?

Saya and I could handle the healing with our fire. However, we need to be careful about using fire in closed spaces, otherwise, we will burn everything.

Asmodeus, the Diva I wanted for Saeko had no useful spells to kill the undead, only spells to inflict pain on others—a great Diva for fighting anything not undead.

Baal, the Great King of Flies and possessing the power to summon storms at his call—my pick for Shiori.

For Nao and Shizuka, I have to consult Leme. Diva related to wind element were not many and Shizuka's element still remained unknown.

Aimi will get the most peculiar Diva among the 72 Pillars.

"Asahi onii-san?"

Sayo's cute voice pulled me back to reality. Looking up at me from my right, the cute maid squirmed in her seat.

"What happened?"

"I… can onii-san give me...A new name?"

Perhaps she wanted to put her past behind with 'Sayo' and live a new life.

It was a commendable effort on her part since she can't return to her past life.

If that was her intention, I would be happy to oblige.

I wrecked my brain for some suitable Japanese names for her. Something that described her in one word… Swift and ferocious… like a bunny.

Under Sayo's anticipated gaze, I opened my mouth.

"Rini, does this name sound good to you?"


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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 66 - CH. 66: New Name, New Start