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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 65 - CH. 65: A Reliable Son-in-law

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The following day I reluctantly rolled out of bed, only after Saeko and Shiori woke up.

It was time to head out in search of my tanned onee-san.

Before that, I had to sow some seeds for the future—talk to Yuriko.

After a delicious breakfast, I knocked on Yuriko's door.

The door opened and her visage, as cool as ever, appeared, dressed in a grey dress.

Though her cheeks reddened a little, possibly embarrassed for peeping on me and Shizuka.

Let's spare the milf for her last crime.

Every milf deserves forgiveness.

"Asahi, what brings you here?" She asked politely.

"I want to talk."

She frowned. Well, my relationship with her was stuck at 'Respected yet lecherous son-in-law.'

"Just a few words."


She removed her hand blocking the door and beckoned me.

Not to be perverted or anything, this room had a nice fragrance.

I sat on the bed and crossed my legs.

Yuriko's brow twitched at my thick skin.

"Dear son-in-law, is this how you act before your elders?"

It was my turn to be speechless. She tried to use the 'Elder' card on me.

Looks like I needed to teach her that I am a man, not a kid.

"I don't see any elders here, only a beautiful woman with voyeuristic fetish."

Her eyes momentarily widened before she narrowed them down. "What are you trying to say?"

"Acting innocent, are we?" I rebuked and walked toward her. "Did you not peak at my love session with nee-san?"

She firmly shook her head, denying my claims. I didn't miss the slight blush on her face.

"I did not peak at anyone."

Standing before her, I met her annoyed gaze with a grin. "You could have joined us you know."


I shrugged. "Are you not pent up after your divorce?"

Her expression darkened. Just the mention of it filled her eyes with hatred.

"Never bring it up again."

Her voice tinged with loathing was enough to raise every strand of hair on my body.

She got true hatred for her ex-husband.

It raised my curiosity further. Just what did he do to trigger a calm woman like Yuriko?

I raised my hand and plopped it on her head.

She didn't respond as I stroked her hair. Her expression gradually loosened as the headpatting skill took effect.

"I am sorry for bringing it up."

She stared at me, dazed and confused. Only after a minute later, she pushed my hand and shook her head.

"You don't have to worry about it."

"I ought to take care of my mother-in-law."


[Yuriko Takagi: Affection +2]

She cracked a smile as if amused by my reply. "What a fine son-in-law you are."

I accepted her praise with a broad smile.

"Is that all you wanted to say?" She crossed her arms on her chest, pushing up her chest. "You see I am busy taking care of the innocent survivors here."

I whipped out my phone and gave a brief call on her number.

"I am going on a trip. Don't hesitate to call me if you ever need help."

She nodded her head. I took her hand and pushed a simple silver ring on her ring finger.

"What is this?"

Instead of being repulsed by the ring, she seemed genuinely confused.

"Just use some mana on it. It can transmit your thoughts directly to me through the ring on my left hand."

The price tag of 999 KP made my heart bleed.


[Yuriko Takagi: Affection +1]

"How thoughtful," She said with a teasing smile.

"If I ever find that you did not use it even in a crisis." I put on my most serious expression. "I will spank you naked in front of your daughter."

"I-I understand." She nodded her head over and over.


[Yuriko Takagi: Affection +4]

It was my turn to be speechless. Did my strong tone rouse her natural meekness?

She paused and her face turned beet-red. "Y-You can stay here. I am going on another patrol!"

She scooted toward the door as if embarrassed.

A cool milf running away with a blushing face.

Is this what people call gap moe?


'Yuriko Takagi' relationship changed to 'Her lecherous yet reliable son-in-law.

She found me reliable, which was a big boost.


'You finally decided to show up?'

(I am sorry… something came up.)

'Fine. Don't go without telling me next time.'

(Was my love worried?)

'Can't you sense it?'

(I can~.)

Chatting with a high-spirited Klyscha, I arrived outside nee-san's room. I wasn't here to admire her vulnerable face.

I pushed the door.


Saya's voice came from behind. I turned around with a smile.

"I stored some food Saeko-san and Shiori-san found in the supermarkets, some toys for Sayo, some—"

"You don't have to tell everything. I trust your judgement."

"Heh." She smirked. "This much is nothing for a genius like me."

"Is that your way of showing I can rely on you?"

Grinning, she folded her arms around her chest and lifted her chin. "Of course."

This haughty ojou-sama…

"Okay, now go and spend time with your mother."

"I wanted Mama to come with us but she wants to stay here and help the survivors," She grumbled. "It's your fault for not seducing her earlier."

I sighed. "I am sorry for being useless…"

My depressed tone made her wave her hands around in panic. "N-No, I didn't mean you are useless or anything. It's the fault of my dad. Yes, he was the one who hurt Mama deeply."

Way to shift the blame…

"I will go find Mama," She said before her expression turned serious. "Do not touch Sayo-chan."



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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 65 - CH. 65: A Reliable Son-in-law