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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 64 - CH. 64: Freedom?

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[—Congratulations on bedding 100 mortal women and 1 Goddess.]

[Reward: Unique Class 'Eromancer' can be unlocked at Level 25.]

Hundred women… that was possible...


The lewd class made to pleasure women?


I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled at Saeko looking at me with a worried expression.

"It's nothing."


"More importantly, can you continue?"

"Maybe a round or two."

"Great. How about I take you from behind?"

"Get it doggy style!"

Saeko glanced at Shiori smirking. "I-I think not?"

"Please?" I asked innocently. "Only once."

A small heart appeared above her. She nodded and turned around, getting on all fours. "If you say so…"

I took a moment to admire her curves just at the right proportions.

A divine ass indeed.

A small touch was enough to make her shiver and wave her butt. Without further ado, I lined up my cock and pushed my waist.


"Hey, show off your butt more," Shiori murmured and winked at me. "I wanted vanilla for my first time, so no quirky sex today."

Saeko obediently raised her butt, wiggling a little. I couldn't help but pinch her butt. Saeko meshed her legs closer, tightening up the squishy walls.

My thrusts sped up on their own, hitting the spots only possible in the doggy style.

"How do I… look?"

A question at this time?

My gaze fell on her back covered in a layer of sweat, noticing two long scars.

She was still self-conscious about them?

"Saeko, don't be like that," Shiori chided with a pained expression.


Shiori pulled Saeko in a kiss. Threads of saliva dripped as their tongues entwined.

That somehow looked so hot…

Is this the charm of a lesbian?

I traced down a finger on Saeko's scar, causing her to shiver. "Saeko, can you stop thinking like that?"


"Yeah, thanks, Asahi-kun."

"No problem," I replied and clenched Saeko's waist.

Another minute later, tides of never-ending fluids rushed out, signifying her climax.

At the same time, my wall of endurance also broke. I pulled in her buttocks closer and my thick sperm gushed out, filling up her hole.

Overflowing with my cum, Saeko went limp, holding on to Shiori's kiss for support.

I doubt she could even stand up straight now.

Shiori released the kiss and patted Saeko's cheeks. "Let me take over now."

Leaving Saeko to rest, Shiori crawled closer, her eyes fixed on my cock. "It's already?"

"It will take a lot more than three rounds to satisfy this fellow."

"That seems true." Shiori licked her lips. "It's the minimum requirement to make a harem after all."

I nodded. Why start a harem if you can't keep women happy and satisfied?

Shiori eagerly slid into my embrace and stayed still. "Embracing Asahi-kun like this isn't bad."

I hugged her warm body closer. "Yeah… I doubt you would want to do this all night."

Shiori giggled and leaned onto me, her hard nipples poking at my chest. She pushed my shoulder to force me to lay on my back.

Oh boy, another cowgirl…

This night was doomed to be lively.


Grayfia opened her eyes and yawned.

"When will he summon me?" She whispered and rubbed her eyes.

It had been almost three years since he summoned her. Fallen Angels had long withdrawn from the war, according to Asahi's predictions.

She was sleeping in her casual clothes, waiting for Asahi's summon.

Yet, the man seemingly forgot her very existence.

Did he die there?

That would be impossible.

With the amount of magic power he had, any undead wouldn't pose any threat. She had never seen this much magic power in any human. Even a middle-class devil would be overwhelmed.

She shook her head and left the bed. Outside the room, a maid was standing in a frilly dress.

She couldn't help but stare at those excessive frills. They were cute, extremely so.


"It's nothing."

As the heir of the Lucifuge household, she couldn't wear such clothes. Lord Lucifer would kick her out if he saw the future Lord of his right-hand clan wearing a maid outfit.

Such was the mindset of one possessing pride to the level of being blinded.

She squashed those rebellious thoughts, but deep down she knew it would be their loss even if Devils somehow managed to win the Great War against Angels.

Half of the 72 Pillars were already wiped out. Who would be left to rule Heaven and Earth if they survived the onslaught of Biblical God?

That's why she wanted to know her Clan's future from the lecherous human. Being the right hand of conceited Lucifer had its own consequences.

"Good Morning, Grayfia onee-sama."

The voice of her little brother, Euclid Lucifuge, forced her out of her thoughts. She turned to notice an infatuated expression on his face. However, he managed to hide it away a second later.

This troubled her in a lot of ways.

While most devils didn't care about incest relationships, her clan would be looked down upon if someone caught a whiff of this.

That would result in getting banished from the Lucifer Six.

She also didn't like her brother that way and never will in the future.

"Do you need anything?"

Euclid scratched his cheeks. "Can I go to the frontline with onee-sama?"

Frontline was the battlefield where the Three Factions and now only the faction of Angels and Devils clashed.

A place where death was common.

And her brother who barely qualified as a Mid-Class Devil wanted to go there.

"Why would you want to go there?" Grayfia asked, concerned for Euclid's future.

"I-I want to protect onee-sama!"

Grayfia couldn't help but feel annoyed. If it came from someone stronger than her, she would be happy.

But coming from Euclid, it sounded foolish, extremely so.

"Not today," She said and headed toward her father, Lord Lucifuge's chambers.

The two discussed the course of the next few days, which she would be spending on the frontline.


She closed the door behind and released a sigh. It had become a habit after she returned from his world. Although it looked like it was on the verge of destruction from the undead, she felt a sense of freedom there.

She could stretch her wings and fly without any care.

No one could pose any threat to her.

There, she was free from all shackles.

Grayfia, get ahold of yourself.

She decided to head to the frontline, trying to suppress these thoughts by killing some white-feathered birds.


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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 64 - CH. 64: Freedom?