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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 63 - CH. 63: Wild Onee-sans (Part II) (R-18)

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Shiori crawled closer and showed her open mouth without any drop of white liquid.


She nodded proudly and sat on my lap. "It tastes great. I don't mind gobbling it every day."

"Then I will give it to you every day from now on."

Shiori nodded and revealed a wide smirk as if happy with my suggestion. I rested my face between Saeko's breasts and waited for waves of pleasure to settle down.

"Shiori can go first," Saeko spoke in a trembling voice as my fingers twisted, messing up her insides.

Only the sounds of rustling resounded in the room. I glanced at Shiori standing on her knee, her hands placed on her bare waist. Compared to Saeko, her body was more on the soft side. Not that Saeko was any less charming with her toned body.

Both sisters had many distinct points I liked.

Shiori leaned and gripped my cock, setting it below her pussy drooling thin threads of juice. I got worried about doing it like this.

"Good grief. Stop worrying about me." Shiori smiled and lowered her waist. "I have a lot more pain tolerance."

Without so much of a wince, she swallowed half of my cock inside her pussy.

I unconsciously sped up fingering Saeko, who closed her legs instinctively and squirmed. I took her restless hands and coiled them around my neck.

"I order you to stay still."

Saeko bit her lips and meekly nodded. I smiled and attacked her G-spots.

"Aah! Aaaah! Ahhh!"

A mix of panting and screaming left her mouth. Her pussy convulsed as more juices built up.

"Huh… Saeko is already getting dominated," Shiori muttered as her butt drew closer. "It feels weird to have your hot thing inside…"

My cock squeezed inside her slippery tight hole. Shiori drew a long sigh and plopped down, resting her juicy thighs on me.

"It's in?" Shiori tilted her head and asked. "Honestly, I thought it would be more painful. But I only feel some discomfort and it's making me warm."

I couldn't afford to pay attention to her as Saeko was letting out lovely moans while leaning on me. I bent my fingers and vigorously assaulted the same spot.

Saeko's body started twitching as her moans came to a halt. She arched her back.

"Oo… Ohhh!"

And let out a husky moan. Her pussy squirted bursts of juice.

While Saeko climaxed, Shiori raised her butt and pressed down again, her walls clamped and loosened around me as if possessing a mind of their own.

Shiori inched closer with a mischievous smile and forced her arms around my neck.

"Kiss me~!"

"W-Wait, sto—Saeko, no, you too."


Saeko stuck her face against mine, stopping me from turning. No matter how much I rejected it, Shiori succeeded in planting a kiss on my lips. At least it wasn't a deep one, or I would be forced to taste my sperm.

I grabbed her butt in retaliation and lifted my waist, plunging my cock into her depths.

"Whaaa! Darling, so rough!" Shiori cried near my ears.

I cared not and slapped down her pussy against my crotch.

She moaned again in a weak voice. Yet, her pussy got tighter, producing thick juices. I repeated it again, producing wet sloppy sounds. Sometimes pinching her butt, sometimes twisting her nipples with care, I riled her up.

My guess turned out to be true.

Shiori's tongue lolled out of her tongue as she ravenously swung her waist.

"Shiori…" Saeko whispered, nuzzling her cheeks against mine, watching my cock going in and out of her sister's pussy. "Does it feel that good?"

Shiori's lewd expression was at the peak of womanly pleasure. Though I also think she was over exaggerating a bit with the moans.

I sneakily activated the metal disc and threw it aside.

No babies please!

Saeko and I continued watching Shiori. Nothing was more satisfying than watching an anime beauty riding your cock with the vigor of a wild beast.

The sight made me unable to hold back and I poured out everything inside her.


Shiori let out a strange moan as her womb accepted it all. Beads of sweat fell down from her forehead as she gasped for breath with an open mouth.

"That took… everything out of me…" Shiori mumbled and collapsed on me, lying comfortably on my chest. "Please take care of me today and for the many days to come."

It sounded like she married me. Well, who could deny such a beautiful woman…


Shiori nodded, satisfied with my answer, and rolled to the side. I shivered as the cold air hit my blazing cock.

"It's Saeko's turn."

"A-Ah, me? C-Certainly."

"Asahi, go get her!" Shiori screamed. "Push her down and ravage her!"

Someone sure was in high spirits after getting a creampie.

I released Saeko's hands and gave her a serious look. "Ready?"

"U-Umm." She nodded shyly. "Y-Yeah."

"Jeez, I thought Saeko would be S in bed, but she is acting like a soft M."

"B-But, our Busujima code says we should act submissive to our man..."

Shiori's hand stretched past me and pulled Saeko's legs until she was lying beside me.


"Thanks, Shiori," I said and turned to the side, leaning over a blushing Saeko.

Shiori patted my back and yawned. "I have an urge to sleep… but I wanna witness Saeko's first time."

Getting back to my knees, I hooked my thumbs around Saeko's shorts and dragged them down. Her sweet spot was already smothered in her nectar, giving glimpses of virgin pink flesh beyond her entrance. Her clit quivered as if aroused by my gaze.

With no need for further foreplay, I grabbed her waist and pulled her toward me. Her legs stretched in an M around me as I lined up my cock with her pussy.

My cock, covered in fluids, slid into her hole. Saeko hummed as my member split up her walls and touched the core of her vagina.

I grinned, raising her left leg to rest on my shoulder and leaned forward. She twisted her waist and laid on her sides. She snatched the pillow from Shiori and hugged it in her bosom, her face redder than a tomato peaking at me.

You know it was deadly when an onee-san acted cute out of shyness.


Giving a blank stare at sleepy Shiori, I continued pounding Saeko's meaty hole while remembering the spots that made her wince. Her moans suppressed with the pillow made her more adorable than she could ever imagine.

It only took minutes before her body spasmed and shot a burst of fluid toward my cock.


Damn, can I shoot this pillow?

Thinking some nonsense, I thrust my hips and penetrated the pussy that no one else aside from me had reached, unloading everything my balls had to offer.

Saeko regained herself in a few moments and gave a deep sigh. "It was better than I imagined…"

I pulled back my cock which glowed again.

God damn, was my cock going to ascend or something?



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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 63 - CH. 63: Wild Onee-sans (Part II) (R-18)