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A Cliché Multiverse Story
Chapter 62 - CH. 62: Wild Onee-sans (R-18)

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Two sexy onee-sans eyed me, lust flickering in their eyes. My heart pounded as they crawled toward me on all fours.

"We were here to convey our gratitude to him."

"Shiori, do you think he would cherish us after claiming our virginity?"

Saeko's eyes widened. "Didn't you say he would always keep twins like us?!"

Shiori released a sigh as she patted Saeko's shoulder. "Asahi-kun likes a yandere more than a pair of broken twins."

"Yandere, huh," Saeko whispered and leaned further, pressing her body against mine. "I. can. murder. anyone. for. Asahi… am I not a yandere?"

She blinked as her hollow eyes kept staring at me.

Shiori snickered and grabbed my other arm. I was already on the edge of the bed.

I sighed and stroked their hair. Saeko wrapped her arms around my chest while Shiori clung to my waist.

"You don't have to do it. I am not going to leave you two alone…"

They were doing it to show one thing—they would become a yandere and stab me if I left them. I already experienced it once for the stupidest reason; I don't want to feel it again.

The twins' scars were deeper than I had guessed.

They entrusted their entire weight to me and quietly enjoyed the patting. This skill proved to be more useful than I imagined.

How did a steamy sex scene turn into a patting session?

Saeko's hands around me loosened. She raised her head and pressed her lips on mine. Eagerly sucking on my lips, she coiled her arms around my neck. I adjusted my position to comfortably lean against the headboard.

Shiori didn't sit still and unhooked the buttons of my shirt. Her lean slender fingers drifted across my chest down to my shorts, ripping it into pieces.

Her hot breath tickled my cock. "Wow, it's much bigger when erect."

Of course, it would be.

Saeko ran out of breath and finished the pure kiss.

"Asahi… kun…" She whispered with sultry eyes.

"Saek—" I shivered as a hot tongue swirled around my glans.

The anticipation had made me really sensitive.

"Ufufu, it's oddly delicious," Shiori said and stuffed it inside her mouth. A warm sensation enveloped the tip extending down to the upper half of the shaft. She groaned and let it out.

"First attempt to conquer the golden pillar failed. A second attempt is in process," mumbling some chuuni lines, she opened her mouth, swallowing down my cock again. She used her hand to fondle my balls while her other hand grabbed the shaft and stroked the throbbing veins.

Before I got lost in the wonderful blowjob unexpected from a virgin, Saeko turned my head toward her. While standing on her knees, she gazed down with a slight blush on her face.

"Asahi-kun, look at me too… Am I inferior to her?"

"Hell no!"

"Then show it."

"Of course, I will."

Letting Shiori slurp my cock, I slipped my hand inside Saeko's shorts to knead her butt. The texture was as tight as I expected with an extra bouncy feeling.

"Ne~!" Saeko breathed out a charming moan.

I couldn't wait anymore and plunged into her neck, kissing her creamy white skin. The scent of soap was still there along with her natural mesmerizing scent.

Using my free hand, I touched her tank top and stored it into the inventory.

Leaving her ass for later, I moved my attention to the beautiful twin mountains before me. Two small nipples of healthy pink color on top of the boobs jutting out in a perfect teardrop shape.

She shivered a little, bringing her boobs even closer.

"That tickles…"

I opened my mouth and swirled my tongue around her areola.

"Mhm…" Saeko moaned and pulled my face into her bosom.

I also groaned as a hot sensation enveloped my entire cock. Shiori's lips almost touched my crotch as she looked up, a hint of joy flickering in her blue eyes.

While some precum leaked out, I patted Shiori's head as she continued moving her mouth. As expected of a woman of culture, she had the theoretical knowledge for this stuff.

I lightly bit on Saeko's boobs while sneaking my hand inside her shorts.


Saeko released a sharp breath as I pinched and rubbed her clit; it twitched and pulsated as if revealing its happiness. Creeping my hand down her drenched pussy, I inserted two fingers inside. Her wet walls spread wide, welcoming my fingers happily.

Saeko threw her head back and quivered in excitement. My god-like dexterity conquered her in a heartbeat.

A tingling sensation arose in my cock—it became hot, ready to explode inside Shiori's mouth.

Shiori's mouth became sped up, taking in its entirety deep inside her throat.


Saeko paused and gave a firm nod. Taking in her consent, I pushed up my waist and released a torrent of cum.

Shiori's cheeks puffed out as an unbelievable amount of cum flowed down her throat. Still, she gulped audibly, swallowing my cum with her best effort.

Shiori pulled back, leaving my glowing cock. I blinked my eyes then the glow wasn't there. Though it still glistened from all the drool spread over it.



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A Cliché Multiverse Story Chapter 62 - CH. 62: Wild Onee-sans (R-18)